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Gen. Stark Would Be Marching His “Armed Protesters” to Gov. Sununu’s Door

General John Stark

The governor took the occasion of his inaugural speech to redefine our state’s motto. For those not familiar, it is (currently) Live Free or Die, attributed to General John Stark, who in the next breath added, “death is not the worst of evils.”

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If we need proof of that, I give you Gov. Chris Sununu.


“Our motto of ‘Live Free or Die’ comes with the obligation that we will put our politics and prejudices aside and ensure our family and neighbors are supported,” Sununu said. …

Yes, we treasure our Live Free or Die culture, but not at the expense of being a good and responsible neighbor. Even though it is not written on a license plate, the New Hampshire I grew up in always put others first,” Sununu said.


The Governor’s public-health cult of personality will defend him but there is a profound difference between being free to put others first and having it mandated by a government.

The former is necessary for a free and just society. The latter is the siren song of collectivist tyranny. A call to power, not for the good of the general public, but that of the politician making the demand.


While passing harmful restrictions that achieve no public good might seem irrational, they are rational if one assumes that politicians are operating out of their own self-interest like anyone else—not for “the common good.” …

[P]olitics, above all else, is about self-preservation. And imposing government restrictions that don’t work and cause serious harms is a better political strategy for most politicians than telling people to act responsibly, wash hands, maintain a prudent distance, and avoid touching your face.


It is demonstrably true that the Governor’s actions have put politics and prejudices (his) above the people’s interests. His emergency orders have harmed families, friends, children, coworkers, employers, livelihoods, and lives via an exercise of assumed powers by the state that would offend General Stark and most of his neighbors.

When challenged, New Hampshire’s Governor has waded ever deeper into collectivist rhetoric. He is not alone. The Democrats are his allies here and have ratcheted up the public health oppression further where possible.

But it all begins with Chris Sununu, and while the ‘Grok has opposed these “events,” if General Stark were alive, he would be marching actual “armed protesters” to Gov. Sununu’s door in Newfields “to have a word,” because death is not the worst of evils. Overreaching and arbitrary abuse of power is, and we have that.