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The Technological Golden Calf

I first picked up the classic scifi book Dune by Frank Herbert when I was in high school, and only at my father’s insistence. 


Well Guess What, Capitalism Is Blameless

CHINA has taunted the United States over the Texas winter storm blackout as a “failure of capitalism” that is affecting “desperate” Americans. An opinion piece in the English-language Chinese newspaper Global Times says a large number of Americans feel that the “current capitalist system” has “serious flaws” and “cannot help them with their concerns.”

Smithfield Foods

Smithfield Foods Closes Three Plants

Smithfield is the largest pork processor in the nation and recent plant closures are sparking shortage concerns. Guess what? It turns out a Chinese billionaire owns Smithfield Foods. If the shutdowns drag on much longer, we have bigger problems than a virus.