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You Can Start by Renaming the “White” Mountains

White Mountains

The denizens of the gentrified Portsmouth and Hanover ‘Class’ (and a few wannabes from Keene) are at it again. These easily offended liberals and their minions are getting uppity over local reactions to a fledgling plan to assuage Granite State White Guilt. New Hampshire is Too Damn White™.

This from people living in places zoned to be unaffordable or inaccessible to those they deem undesirable in private but demand we embrace someplace other than where they live in public. People who are happy to call us racists for pointing out the obvious.

“Diversity for diversity’s sake doesn’t bring us anything.”

Well, it doesn’t. I’ve made the point repeatedly on these pages. The Diversity movement is a lie. Its chief tenants are diametrically opposed: politicizing that which makes us different to advance a government big enough and strong enough to institutionalize homogeneity (packaged and sold as equality).

It serves no other purpose, and anyone who believes otherwise is carrying their water.

Anyone who tries to make this case may discover that they’ve stumbled over a few progressive IED’s. (Irrational Enigmatic Democrats). But that was inevitable. As I noted during a presentation on Social Media at an event last week, it is impossible not to offend someone on the left because the equity crowd holds a monopoly on double-standards.

They can say things like, “what can we do to attract more ‘colored people?’ ” without it being considered racist. And even if it is not inherently racist it is arrogant and presumptuous.

It assumes that there is some magical, mystical bait just waiting to be uncovered that will attract “marginalized persons.” A term that by its very existence and use should be considered marginalizing. But not if you have the proper pedigree. As for ‘bait’ we already have some around these parts and the last time I checked it is color-blind.

I summed it up here.

New Hampshire has more public school capacity than students to fill them. Our hospitals are not turning people away for lack of beds. We’ve got a growing community college system, state university system and some very well regarded universities.

Year after year New Hampshire is one of the safest states in the country. Our residents enjoy one of the highest average incomes, standards of living, and some of the best overall health outcomes in the United States. We consistently have one of the lowest poverty levels in America. We also have very low unemployment and at the moment an employees market thanks to a labor shortage.

To assume it is not color blind would be racist. Because, if you do not believe that above-average income opportunities, public safety, low poverty, security, and great health outcomes are not desirable to humans in general what is it exactly that “The Experts” think they can do to make the Granite State more appealing to people regardless of what’s on the outside?

Rogers Johnson, a founding member of the “New Hampshire is too Damn White™” coalition (they still don’t have a name) offered this hint.

“The reasons (for migration) in the past have been economic development, centered on large cities … nobody of color thinks of Manchester, Burlington, and Portland as a large city. There’s not a social infrastructure in any of those states.”

So, the answer is overcrowded urban heat islands with high walkability scores surrounded by miles of pristine protected nothing but wilderness because the same people who want to pack us all into cities want that so they can “keep us off the grass.” (The green space is sacred land for the gentrified elites and for a fee “tourists” can look but have to go home after.)

It’s Al Gore private-jetting his way to and from his multimillion-dollar seaside home. He need not worry about the CO2 he emits or the rising seas he prognosticates, complete (no doubt) with people of color cleaning his home and manicuring his pristine landscape.

Everyone else can look but don’t touch. And at the end of the day, catch an Uber back to the high-speed rail, then home to the nearest urban heat island where we can continue to wait for the prophesied wonders of ruling-class imposed diversity.

And on the sixth day ‘Xe’ crammed them all together and called it ‘Cultural Heaven’ and this was ‘better.’

Sure, cities smell. Most are badly run (by Democrats), are dirty, crowded, infected with various ills (biologic and cultural) and there’s a lot of crime. But it’s not a prison. It’s the culmination of equity and diversity. Cue the unicorns, rainbows, rising crescendo and…cut!

Coming soon to a New Hampshire Near You. Utopia! Starring Your tax dollars, because diversity isn’t free.

Those familiar with these pages will recall efforts by Federal agencies, through regional planning commissions (RPC’s), to lock New Hampshire towns up in agreements that bypass local and state elected officials that empower the RPC’s backed by the power of Federal rules and money to make critical zoning decisions that conveniently advance very similar goals to that of the New Hampshire is too Damn White™ Coalition. (Sorry about the one-sentence paragraph.)

It was and is all about the imposition of critical social infrastructure, which local taxpayers will be required to fund whether they want it or not. So, don’t be surprised if the next announcement from the New Hampshire is too Damn White™ Coalition mentions coordination with Regional Planners who’ve jumped on board (because it was their mission first).

And don’t be surprised when you realize that this argument mirrors the noise made by the open borders crowd. Their view, as explained by Edward Erler in a recent issue of Imprimis is that diversity is more important than national character or even national security.

They lean on America’s immigrant past without honoring its heritage. Our immigrant past tells the story of people looking to become Americans. Folks attracted to the promise of something better. Not a wholesale imposition of their culture for the sake of diversity. Not some arbitrary quota system created to assuage the irrational guilt of people who think they have the right and the power to force change.

I came to New Hampshire for the low taxes, better overall quality of life, and the opportunity to maximize liberty that is no longer possible anywhere else in the Northeast. I stayed to raise a family for all the reasons I’ve mentioned and invested a decade of my life (so far) defending them for others to enjoy-should that be something that appeals-regardless of what they look like on the outside.

Now tell me how, looking across the lack of states like ours in the Northeast, that New Hampshire isn’t actually the marginalized state? The exception. The only thing that gives New England diversity?

Here’s an idea. Let’s mess with that in the name of diversity!

Other arguments against team “New Hampshire is too Damn White™,” aside from the fact that “white” is a color a person could have, are that diversity for diversity’s sake isn’t just racist it comes with consequences.

The diversity movement that spawned the “New Hampshire is too Damn White™” Coalition and their mission statement to do something about that does not appear to me to be interested in what makes New Hampshire successful. They see too many white people and assume we’re doing something wrong. Worse, that they have the arrogance to think they can fix it.

To do that we must embrace the assumption that the diversity movement, which is nothing more than a vehicle for cultural Marxism, has no ulterior motives. But it is based on a worldview that leads to the oppression of everyone regardless of color once the gentrified experts have secured their hold on political power. A cabal with a penchant for policies that consistently make the places they run into two-class progressive ghettoes where opportunity only comes if you vote for Democrats who promise to pad your government-managed subsistence lifestyle with more public services or glorious social infrastructure projects.

They tell us it’s because some folks can’t find “someone who looks like them to whom they can look up.” But if the goal is a colorblind society isn’t that looking backward? Shouldn’t we be teaching children and marginalized persons to seek mentors to emulate, regardless of their sex, color, national origin, or faith who have been successful?

To focus on anything else suggests that this is not the goal at all.