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Notable Quote – This is Why the Idea of Equity only matters in ownership of something


There is an additional advantage to a system that encourages, or at least tolerates, multiple sources of decision-making. Not only do human agents differ considerably in their attitudes toward risk; they differ also in their skills, capabilities, and orientations, however those differences may have been acquired. This heterogeneity of the human input, insufficiently stressed in microeconomics, constitutes a valuable resource that is much more readily enlisted into the realm of potentially useful experimentation by an organizationally decentralized environment.

-Nathan Rosenberg (Economic Experiments)

In other words, people are different with different talents, outlooks, knowledge, and motivations. Most people differ in how all of those attributes (and those not enumerated here) are used (or not used) to evaluate situations and come up with solutions to perceived problems.

Yet, we see the Progressives / Socialists / SJWs all yammering about “Equity” which really comes down that EVERYONE must have an equal outcome to their lives (along with strict racial quota systems because nothing says “equality” by having Government put it’s thumb on the scale with never really understanding that good intentions generally should be separated from policy decisions (and we’re back to the Great Mind Fallacy again).

Once again, that if folks would only have eyes that see, they’d see that very few people are alike. They may SEEM to be similar (our critics seem to believe so) but anyone with a few brain cells to rub together know better (I wonder if our critics will “get” that).

I see a great range of Diversity of thought, of feelings, of knowledge, of reasoning, of experiences, of capabilities all across the nation.

Progressives stop at the color of your skin. And everyone else’s skin – almost like they own your skin.

We on the Right truly see the collage – many cultures that can exist both aside and within each other.

Those on the Left have devolved to that of only valuing THEIR version of a Monoculture.

I’m done…


(H/T: Cafe Hayek)