Democrats Said Doctors Were Crooks ('cuz Politics) And Now they Are Unassailable ('cuz Politics) - Granite Grok

Democrats Said Doctors Were Crooks (‘cuz Politics) And Now they Are Unassailable (‘cuz Politics)

Liberty in concrete

About a decade ago, give or take (mostly take) Democrats wanted to pass a government takeover of health insurance (and health care). One of their many excuses was that doctors were crooks (unlike politicians?) who would rob you blind without oversight.

How times change.

Now, if you dare to question “medical professionals,” you’re the charlatan. A cad, a conspiracy theorist, maybe even an unpatriotic insurrectionist. Get the shot. Wear the mask. Listen to the crooks who are now saints and take their advice under the pain of death.

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And Jethro, remember Zenyatta Mondatta. That’s right, don’t stand so close to me.

What’s that you’d like a story to illustrate. I’m happy to oblige.

The NH Joint Legislative Committee sets rules for the statehouse, and they just ended the Mask Mandate. The Democrats all voted against it, but Republicans have the majority on the committee, so buh-bye. Face coverings are no longer required there.

To be clear, these rules would apply to state house activity, not at the State House. Like a legislative session at a sports complex that appeals to dog-roasting COVID-Karens and the radial distancers.

(Band Name alert! COVID Karen and the Radical Distancers announce their “Too afraid to go on” tour.)

See also, Millie Vanillie.

And since this is not a no-mask mandate, you can mask your ass up if you like or your face, or both if it’s difficult to tell the difference.

Wear two or three or five ‘cuz reasons.


PT says, People, it’s hope and luck rather than medical advice, a message repeated across the spectrum of the political class from Democrats, to Media, to RION’s like CT Sununu.

Doctors and Big Pharma are no longer crooks; they are gods! Penance and worship, do as you’re told people; it’s for your own good.

But it’s not luck; it’s basic math.

  • Only 7 of the population of NH has tested positive.
  • Of that 7%, only 1.3% eventually died.
  • Of that, 1.3% more than 63% were over the age of 80 and comorbid (most in the state’s care).
  • Some percentage of those did not die of COVID but with it.

So, according to the data shared by the crooks at the Department of Health, you have almost no chance of dying from this virus. Healthy people have even less to fear. The few can mask and distance and get the vaccine and take hydroxychloroquine and zine or Remdesivir or stay home – whatever it is you think makes you feel safe that doesn’t infringe on my civil or natural rights (there is no right to public health).

The other 99+ percent of us can go about our business without those plant polluting masks or posturing, or the massive carbon footprint created by Big Pharma (if that’s another fear you like to carry around unnecessarily).

Fanatics, Distance thyself!

And if the doctors are crooks – as the Obama-era Dems claimed – or have been turned into them by the real crooks (politicians), you won’t have to worry about being taken.

People. Death is not the worst of evils, and the time is long past for a pandemic of liberty. But they (the crooks and liars), corrupted by power and the unfettered ability to abuse it, will do anything to flatten that curve ‘cuz politics!