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The Purge is Cancellation … Reichstag Fire

What is happening is reminiscent of the Reichstag Fire. Many leftists and opponents of President Trump are calling to purge him and his supporters from public life. Now these purges are beginning in earnest.

Notable Quote: Why are they afraid of us?

Reformatted, emphasis mine: January 8, 2021. As a conservative political writer, which I’ve been for some time, Friday night had the weird feel of a surrealistic, conservative-thought-purging Kristallnacht. First and most surreal, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter permanently banning the account of the President of the United States. Not for some singular awful thing Donald Trump did, said, …

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Google Tech Workers Unionize to Demand More Censorship

A group of engineers at Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has formed a union under the Communications Workers of America (CAW). Typically you do this to secure protections, better wages, or benefits, but that’s not what these “tech workers” want. They want more censorship!

Big tech control and your freedom

Big Tech Intends to Defeat Trump … At all Cost

Big Tech has been attacking conservatives for years but more recently they have shifted gears. Now they include classic liberals as the enemy too. Censorship is vast and fully surfacing following the suppression of the New York Post.


Those Who Tell Stories Rule Society

Our readers are familiar with the marriage of Big Tech and the media when it comes to narrative control. It is the high-tech extension of what was once a monopoly on thought. The old days before AM radio and online contrarians. When the Left controlled the message.

GrokTV is now Available on LBRY

If you are on LBRY, we have an announcement. GraniteGrok now has a channel on LBRY called GrokTV. If you’d be so kind as to find it and follow it, we’d appreciate that.