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Big tech control and your freedom

Big Tech Intends to Defeat Trump … At all Cost

Big Tech has been attacking conservatives for years but more recently they have shifted gears. Now they include classic liberals as the enemy too. Censorship is vast and fully surfacing following the suppression of the New York Post.


Those Who Tell Stories Rule Society

Our readers are familiar with the marriage of Big Tech and the media when it comes to narrative control. It is the high-tech extension of what was once a monopoly on thought. The old days before AM radio and online contrarians. When the Left controlled the message.

GrokTV is now Available on LBRY

If you are on LBRY, we have an announcement. GraniteGrok now has a channel on LBRY called GrokTV. If you’d be so kind as to find it and follow it, we’d appreciate that.

Google's Goolag

Buying Influence – Who Google has Bought off on the Right

There’s no shortage of content on GraniteGrok about Chinese influence-peddling. They spend money in the US on everything to shape policy and perception. Google does that too, as do most businesses that can afford it, but Google is allegedly buying off voices on the right while the tech Giant works to suppress our speech.

Older than google

Palate Cleanser – Yes, I AM!

‘Course, they think I’m older than dirt already so it’s not much of a stretch. The Grandson?  No, he won’t believe it once he gets old enough to know what Google is. Now, bringing up AltaVista is a different conundrum for them all.  Do YOU remember it? And yes, I’m older than that… (H/T: Sad …

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