How Did Five Different News Outlets "Independently" Source The Same Lie about Trump and the Nov. Election? - Granite Grok

How Did Five Different News Outlets “Independently” Source The Same Lie about Trump and the Nov. Election?

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Hats off to Matt Margolis at PJ Media from whose text I lifted my headline because it says it all. Yesterday we reminded you that WashPO made up the story about President Trump pressuring the Michigan Secretary of State. The same is true for the Georgia story.

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But the latter of the two has a twist, well, at least five of them.

Georgia, the ‘Hidden Suitcases Full of Ballots’ State, is also (supposedly) the home of the Trump pressured them to find the fraud, a story and quote WashPo later retracted. A story that at least five other major media outlets claim to have independently corroborated.


The Washington Post claimed its quotes were confirmed by an anonymous source, and at least five major news outlets claimed to have independently confirmed that Trump said things he never said. “The most likely scenario is ABC, the Washington Post, and others talked to the same person or group,” theorizes Adams. “It’s either that or a bunch of people managed somehow to be wrong about a very specific claim, which is highly unlikely.”


I’d like to suggest another, more likely scenario. They all talked to each other and in either case, the word we’re looking for sounds like collusion. The other words are fraud, malfeasance, and a few less polite colloquialisms.

It has long been obvious that the media has no interest in the truth or any story or angle that does not advance their agenda. As such, it might be of interest (someday, perhaps when ungulates take wing) to involve the FEC in some investigative reporting.

What sort of fines might willing Feds (I said willing) levy against years worth of Multi-billion dollar unreported in-kind political donations to the Democrat party?

Don’t worry, I’ll be careful not to burn my lips on that crack pipe.

By the way “the recording of the call was found in the trash folder of a Georgia state official’s computer.” The media are not the only scourge upon our republic that could use a bit of ethical housecleaning, but then you knew that.

The State’s need the will to fix their own “houses,” but for that the happen the people must make it so.