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The Georgia Ballot-Count “Smoking Gun” Video Has Not Been Debunked!

GA Ballot Fraud survellience video

Lead Stories is a group of progressive hacks that Facebook uses to silence dissent. We exposed them in February when they made up a fact to mark our reporting as false. They’ve been at it ever since, so the Late-Nite Georgia Ballot-Count Video had to catch their attention. It did, and they claim to have debunked it.

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They failed miserably, which matters because the media ran with their crap story, and you need to know the truth about their lies.

Molly Hemmingway takes the deep dive into the pool of nonsense, which I’ll try to summarize, starting with a point from the end of her piece. Lead Stories is funded by Facebook, Google, and a “Beijing-based and China Communist Party-linked company.”

I didn’t realize there was any other kind, but that wasn’t the point that got my attention. If Facebook funds lead Stories, they can’t be a third-party fact-checker. They are a big-tech in-house propaganda ministry. Just wanted to get that out there.

Now, the lyin’ smear-machine asserts that no one ever “announced” that ballot counting would stop for the night or that anyone was told to leave.

Affidavits contradict this. The video evidence shows everyone leaving when the affidavits say they were told to go. And multiple media reports (Including ABC News, CBS, and NBC) document people being told that counting would stop and that everyone should leave.

Lead Stories says there was an election board monitor on the premises during the alleged unsupervised ballot scanning. It’s all on the up and up Y’all! Unrustle your jimmies.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office (not a non-partisan, by the way) says someone was there. Yup, and not so much.

What the “fact” “check” shows, then, is the monitor admitting he wasn’t present for much of the time in question, contrary to claims made by the Secretary of State’s office. For whatever it’s worth, the same monitor is the subject of an affidavit from another witness, devoted exclusively to concerns about the monitor’s conduct prior to the late hours on election day, according to a member of the Trump team. The claims include that he was sleeping on the job and staring at his phone.

And it’s a bigger problem than we realize and worse for the fake-checkers. According to Hemmingway,

Fulton County had such massive problems managing elections earlier this year that they were fined and forced into a settlement agreement that included a requirement that they be independently monitored, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

An example would be when the UN or other nations are called in to supervise elections and ballot counting because the local government is so corrupt. That’s Fulton County, Georgia. Where an election supervisor told people to skedaddle and that counting would be stopped until morning.

An official who is later caught on a security camera with several others producing cases of ballots that they madly scan unsupervised.

Oh, Look, Saddam won with 99% of the vote AGAIN!

Nice work, Lead Stories. And great job to the third-rail media who jumped on that “news” and recycled it as quickly as Fulton County illegally scans votes in the dead of night.

Here’s the testimony before the GA Senate again that includes the supposedly debunked video.