Correspondent Despondent 'cuz The White House is Hidin' Biden' - Granite Grok

Correspondent Despondent ‘cuz The White House is Hidin’ Biden’

Biden is not coming

A member of “the media” is complaining, but what could they have to be upset about, you ask? They have a Democrat Congress with a Democrat President. Trump is gone, and he can’t tweet them into a tizzy every AM. Life should be good, but it’s not.

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The media activist revealed how the administration keeps the president on a “tight leash” to minimize his risk of beclowning himself in front of the nation. She stressed that he will need to be prepared to handle tough questions.“This is a growing problem for the Biden White House,” Shepherd observed. ..  

“They like to keep a tight leash on their principal so he doesn’t come out in front of the camera and gaffe.  …

“It is really manicured and it’s veneered … Something Trump did give us was the ability to kind of ask him unvarnished questions. Of course we would get ridiculous and crazy answers, but we knew what his perspective was at all times,” she said. …

“And Biden has kind of built this blue wall of his staffers between us and him, and I think it will be a bit of an issue if he doesn’t come out and do sit downs,” the alleged reporter pointed out.


Trump was an accessible loon but why are they hidin’ the benevolent Biden? You know why. He’s a few cans short of a six-pack. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The alleged reporter pondering this problem is Brittany Shepherd, the White House Correspondent for Yahoo! News, and she hasn’t been run out of DC or locked behind the Biden-wire fence, yet. But I’m wondering how she thought this was going to go?

Biden was a gaffe-machine before the obvious mental-decline. Part of the covidista narrative allowed the left to keep him confined and ‘managed’ in his “basement.” Limited contact. Controlled availability. He’s Max Headroom without any wit. A jiggy, fictional stuttering head on a screen.

A photo-op marionette president with more handlers than Obama had Czars. Possibly more than he has czars.

And what if one of those handlers fed her the story?

This could be an early brick in a different kind of wall. The one that reinforces Joe’s parliamentary departure from the office. From the Resolute Desk to “resolved to a not early-enough retirement.” Health reasons.

I think they may still sunset Joe with with ‘COVID19.’ Maybe the new British Invasion Strain. Give him a parade with a royal funeral and use it to push mandatory inoculation with their experimental vaccine. The one they admit does not stop the spread.

If it’s not a setup for a dignified fall then Brittany should expect a tap on her phone and an online warrantless search of her laptop. This is the OBiden Administration. Spying on the press, citizens, and members of congress likely got underway on day one.