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Joe Biden is Being Coached by Staff Via TelePrompter During Live Interviews

Teleprompter reflected in the glass of a photo in Bidens basement bunker

Slow Joe can’t catch a break. When he leaves his basement, he’s a train wreck but thankfully (for Democrats) to very small controlled groups. When he does live interviews from the basement, it looks like he’s fed answers via teleprompter by his staff.

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This is not a new idea. Several folks have suggested that Joe is coached during “live” interviews. So, when Biden sort of off-scripted (I think) did a “hey look at this picture of my boys and me when I had more marbles” the glass reflects several things in the room in front of him. Monitors, a television, and (oh, look!) a teleprompter lit up with text as if in use.

And there’s actually no other reason to have it operating. None. Joe is confused enough without having random glowing text in front of him. So, this is clearly deliberate, which means Joe can’t even (be trusted to) do unscripted live interviews. The idea that he can is just another deception by his democrat handlers.

What a great trait for the leader of the free world. Our enemies must be laughing their asses off and our allies have to be cringing. All of which is speculative and based entirely on what the American voter and those millions of fake mail-in voters decide.

Maybe it’s time for Democrats to start tossing these out on their lawns.

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