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Everything is Big in Texas, Even the Grid Failures

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If you’d like a decent look at the real problems with the electric grid in Texas, this is a good investment of your time. It provides some common-sense explanation of the math problem tied to the policy failures and how a Republican Governor who is a big advocate of fossil fuels is responsible.

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A few years back, Texas had an event similar to this one. Real cold, with lots of snow, but back then, their energy portfolio was 6% renewables. The media talked about the cold, balmed it on fossil fuels and the irrefutable hypothesis of settled science (that is never truly settled), but epic power failure was not on the menu.

What changed.

The same thing that happened in New Hampshire a while back. Well-meaning, perhaps even pandering politicians, decided that the portfolio would require 25% renewables, and they want more. Texas did that, and Rick Perry (yes, that Rick Perry) signed it into law.

Teleport back to February 2021, and the problem is obvious. Putting a full quarter of your power portfolio into renewables was a disaster when it gets cold.

But the Left is prepared to ratchet those numbers up even higher. And more pandering to that false god will result in the same problem, especially in places where it gets that cold more often than every few years.



“There is this growing green movement, and you see this is the power of the left. It’s the same as the anti-race movement. It’s the same as a cancel culture. It’s the same as the transgender movement, There is a strong leftist movement to say we have to shove green energy down America’s throats and people are buying it. Republicans are buying into it. Yes, we should have a big percentage of our electric grid come from wind when it works great, but what happens if it doesn’t work?”


The video is not long, but it is loaded with the stuff you need to talk about the grid, the problem potential, Texas, and the pressure to make that problem worse. They want to make it worse, so you need to be prepared to debate that.



Image Credit: The Federalist