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Before You Let Democrats ‘Green the Grid’ Decide If You Like Black Outs or Price Spikes?


California’s energy and environmental policy have collided. PG&E has to turn off the power when its windy to prevent forest fires (sometimes). Down in Texas, when the wind isn’t whipping (like in the song from Oklahoma) Green energy policy caused a 40,000% hike in electric rates.

Welcome to the Third World.

The road to a world powered by renewable energy is littered with unintended consequences. Like a 40,000% surge in electricity prices. … Texas power prices jumped from less than $15 to as much as $9,000 a megawatt-hour this month as coal plant retirements and weak winds left the region on the brink of blackouts during a heat wave.

Bloomberg reports that these ‘first world green energy third world problems’ are not limited to Texas or the US. Nations who should not have to plan to get things done when the power is on are struggling to manage their ungainly leaps into the new powerless Green world order.

Germany averted three blackouts of its own in June and has seen prices both spike and plunge below zero within days as it swaps out coal and nuclear energy for wind and solar. In the U.K., more than a million homes lost power on Aug. 9, in part because a wind farm tripped offline.

All that to reduce the emissions of a gas that has next to nothing to do with the problem they claim to be solving.

And people wonder why we think they are all idiots.

“We have to have systems in place to make sure we still have enough generation on the grid — or else, in the best case, we have a blackout, and in the worst case, we have some kind of grid collapse,” said Severin Borenstein, an energy economist at the University of California at Berkeley, where state officials have a goal of getting all power from clean energy resources by 2045.

Locally we have towns like Concord, Durham, Portsmouth, and Hanover, promising to be 100 percent green energy by [insert some random date]. But to do that, they’d need to do one of two things. Disconnect themselves from a grid that uses whatever they decide are non-green sources, or force all of us onto this unpredictable but frequently unlit road.

Bloomberg says this is just a problem we need to solve on the way to cheaper and cleaner renewable energy. And that there is no easy solution. 

First, Green energy is not cheaper or cleaner, and second; there is an easy solution. Nuclear, Natural Gas, Hydro, and even clean coal.

Technology to make coal cleaner is easier and cheaper in the long run that dumping incredibly affordable energy for unpredictable and expensive and unreliable alternatives.

The problem is the relentless push to make the so-called renewables work in a modern world. A world whose successes in feeding people and lifting them out of poverty requires cheap, abundant energy. But these examples who us that it doesn’t work and can’t.

Democrats in New Hampshire, with help from a few too many Republicans, are smitten with the same dream. That if they legislate into being, it will work. It won’t. Prices will rise, employment will fall, productivity will suffer, and tax revenues will decline.

There’s nothing pretty about leaving the first world for the second or the third, but there are common causes, and they are all promoted by the Left.

High taxation, loss of property and individual rights, a partisan judiciary, and a large burdensome ruling class. People who will always have food, money, and power, including electricity, because the government can’t run your life if it has no power on which to run.

Priorities. Theirs, not yours.