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Woke … What is it? What Will it be?

Today “Woke” is a concept symbolizing correct perception and awareness of social issues. It is an unenlightening social movement. Woke has become a generic slang term. It broadly associates with leftist politics, social justice, and activist causes.

Defund the Police

What Democrat Leadership Looks like

What Democrat leadership looks like is Portland Oregon. There has been months on end of rioting. There are many assaults. The citizens cannot use the streets without fear. Commerce is slowing and businesses are leaving.

Innocent until being arrested

Not too long ago, a Grok post made a couple of interesting claims.   First, that ‘people are not innocent victims if they are injured in the struggle to arrest them’.  Second, that ‘to protect the public, police are charged to complete an arrest even if there is resistance’. I beg to differ with both claims.

Just Be A Good Person

Just Be A Good Person

Just Be A Good Person University, November recent year: hundreds of students rise up to protest the white privilege and micro aggressions of the “racist,” “bigoted” administration. The protestors don’t offer any specific examples of discrimination. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that they feel victimized. Dog poop The next day, a bag of …

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Leftism Eradicates Character

Leftists tend to hold America in contempt. They prefer socialism to capitalism and regard all white people and police as racist. To them the Bible, Christianity, and Judaism are not only nonsense, but dangerous nonsense. There is an implicit adherence to a belief that men and women are not inherently different or even that male …

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