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Vigil to Remember Victims of Sunuicide Turning Into PR Nightmare for Chicken-Chris


It is no secret that people are falling off the wagon of life due to the use of police powers in response to COVID19. Drug abuse, overdose, the meteoric rise in suicidal ideation. All to protect healthy people from a virus that won’t kill them or even make most of them ill.

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One ‘Grok commenter called them Sunuicides.

That phrase encompasses not just the actual taking of life (if and when) but the destruction of lives and livelihoods. The result of months of policies that are turning us into the Live in Fear then Die State.

To protest this abuse, protesters have been gathering at various places, including the Governor’s home in Newfields, New Hampshire. We’re opposed to that but not this; Newfields’ made the political protests illegal. A move shepherded into law by the Governor’s brother Michael Sununu.

To protest that law and to remember victims of Sunuicide, Absolute Defiance held a candlelight vigil. They spoke to the police to ensure they were not violating that law, but in the end, the cops were only there to make sure people got fined. One person was arrested.

The next day, the Gov. doubled-down on fear and publicly canceled his outdoor inauguration at the statehouse citing armed protesters and the safety of his family and the Republic. We proceeded to make fun of him for this blatant fearmongering.

Free Keene said he ran away like a bitch. Rick Olson took him down a peg over his “armed protesters” BS, and Ian has a nice follow-up to that here. Absolut Defiance member Brennan Christen shared eyewitness accounts and video of the vigil to refute the Governor’s lies. And Skip reminded us that pro-gun Sununu has often been in the company of rooms full of armed Granite Stater’s, knowing they are armed, to present positions to which he knew they would object.

We also reported on the likelihood of unconstitutionality and illegality. All over just a few days.

And what did Chris Sununu get out of it besides more bad PR and a great new nickname? Oh, and this disgusting misleading headline.

Well, he has fully fueled the left’s anti-gun rhetoric against his own base.

“While I understand the very real concern, it is truly a sad situation when our elected officials need to even think about such a decision due to a small group of truly unhinged gun-toting citizens,” Buckley said. “Reasonable people across the state need to rise up against these bullies and say ‘enough.’’’

Nice to see Ray dusting off the “unhinged” label from 2009 and his hating on the Tea Party days.

Here is some video of the “unhinged” citizens being nothing of the sort. Watch it as many times as you like. The only unhinged people are the police and the Governor (he is not in the video), which, lest we forget, is why we have a Constitution. To protect us from them and that.

Chicken-Chris is the chief executive of a state with a town (he lives in), fining residents and even one reporter for violating an ordinance that prohibits protected first amendment speech. All he has to say (or his office) is that he wasn’t involved in that.

But his oath of office suggests he should have stepped up to stop it. He could have issued an Emergency Order (EO) protecting first amendment rights to free speech and assembly. I know, it’s in the constitution and should not need an EO, but given that Sununu has been issuing EO’s that violate the Constitution, I figured it was a nice bit of irony.

But then isn’t it all.

Is it time to dump the tea in the harbor yet?”