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COVIDISM – The More Contagious Strain is Coming to America

Experimenting GeneWilder

To celebrate 2021, the ruling class and their ‘medical’ experts have been telling us about a more contagious strain of COVID19 from Britain. I think it needs a new name. COVID20. COVID21? Faucivirus. The UK Flu. The British Invasion.

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The Second Coming!?

No. They are calling it COVID-19 variant B.1.1.7.

In keeping with the program, this new strain is more contagious. I’m not sure what that means. Everyone is getting the old version, but most of us will never have symptoms or be (more) contagious. Do you need to worry? About the virus, no.


“Our British colleagues have shown, clearly, that it is much more efficient in spreading from person to person,” Fauci said, adding that “the good news is that it does not appear to be more virulent, namely, making people more sick and leading to more death.”


You have nothing new to fear from B.1.1.7.  It is no more likely to make you sick or dead than the original. It’s the politics for which you’ll have to watch out. Orders handed down from the Public Health Reichstag.


“The fact that you have a virus that spreads more efficiently is something that’s important and needs to be taken seriously,” he said. “This just underscores the need to continue to put our foot to the floor and the pedal, about making sure we do the public health measures that we talk about all the time. The wearing of masks, the physical distancing, the avoiding crowds in congregant settings,” Fauci said.


Same old political whore, new Dress.

The beatings will continue until morale improves or you dump the “tea” in the “harbor.”