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Governor Sununu’s Office Please Call Newsweek for a Correction – This Headline is a Lie

Newsweeks Fake headline

Our apologies for the Sununsauraus of stories on our lyin’ governor but every time we try to get out, ‘They’ drag us back in. This time it is FakeNewsweek. Their headline reads, “Republican Governor Cancels Inauguration After Receiving Armed Threats Over Mask Order.”

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Sununu told reporters that “an armed individual was arrested in backyard without over two dozen rounds of ammunition” and that as governor he was worried about the safety of his family and citizens of the state. “Therefore it was prudent to cancel that event,” he added, WMUR 9 reported.

In a tweet, Sununu said that he was concerned how armed protesters “have increasingly become more aggressive, targeting my family, protesting outside my private residence, and trespassing on my property — an outdoor public ceremony simply brings too much risk.”

The headline is derived from this, and it is utter rubbish, but it will get repeated across the legacy press, and probably already has.

Governor Sununu. You, or your office, need to contact Newsweek and ask for a correction. Or, since we’ve not seen any actual evidence, did you receive an armed threat over your mask order?

We’ve published a personal account and video evidence of the event cited by Newsweek. There’s no there there. Until today, there has been zero mention of firearms or threats in any press because not one reporter ever saw one or heard of such a thing.

Given your recent behavior, we feel certain you’d have shared that to protect your abuse of power under the false flag o public health.

And now Newsweek (I’d buy that for a Dollar) has this headline?

What’s really amusing to me is that the gun-groups were among the Governor’s strong allies on the right. He has been very pro-gun up until this week. How do you think that’s gonna play?

Do you even care?

We’ll be watching for the correction or some statement from you clarifying the facts. Not that the truth will have any hope of catching the lie. But then you knew that too, didn’t you?