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About Those ‘Armed Protesters’

The first thing to say about them is that there aren’t any to speak of.

The second thing to say about them is that even if some protesters are armed, Sununu’s hypocrisy on the matter is stunning.  For months, His Excellency has been using the explicit threat of actual violence to ruin the lives and livelihoods of thousands of residents of New Hampshire.

For him to obsess about the inferred — not implied — possibility of violence from people who are simply showing that they understand their constitution’s admonition that ‘the doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind’ is worse than craven.

If you govern by consent, exercising only powers that could legitimately be delegated to you, then you have no reason to worry about people — armed or otherwise — walking past your house.

But if you rule by decree, you should have reason to worry.  It’s right there in your constitutional job description.