Irony Alert: Democrat Demands Evidence That What "She Wrote" Incited Violence. - Granite Grok

Irony Alert: Democrat Demands Evidence That What “She Wrote” Incited Violence.

Rung blocks tweeter who calls her out

Rosemarie Rung is the sole Democrat Rep. survivor in Merrimack from New Hampshire’s 2020 washout Elections. But back when we had four of her, they were quite a team. They accused us of things, even spread rumors about us inciting violence for which they never provided any proof.

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Irony Alert.

Ringleader Rung, who has a history of obnoxious tweets, some of which we shared, has found herself in a bit of hot water with NH House Leadership.

State Rep. Rosemarie Rung, D-Merrimack, has been stripped of her committee assignment by Republican House Speaker Sherman Packard because of her social media post calling on New Hampshire police to denounce the Troy police chief for attending the pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6.

So, what’s the big deal?

The Speaker says it was a dangerous violation and that her “contribution” led to the town offices in Troy, NH, having to be shut down.

“Considering that Rep. Rung’s actions may have contributed to the town offices in Troy shutting down,” Packard wrote, “I am removing her from her committee assignments pending a bipartisan solution to this problem.”

I can’t say one way or another about her contribution to this but her getting booted off her committee for it inspired an (IMO) amusing response.

“I find it absurd, especially without any evidence, that you think my tweet incited threats of violence,” Rung said.

In one statement, Ms. Rung has synopsized the entirety of her tenure in the House as a public person and that of her entire party.

We could spend hours searching for and finding mountains of accusatory statements by Democrats, including Rung, about many people. Not just authors on these pages or the site in general but President Trump, who was subjected to years of investigations and screams from the likes of Rung that he was a criminal when there was no evidence.

Rung’s peers have accused us of inciting violence to the point that Merrimack Reps needed police protection. Except they didn’t.

Rung and her Democrats peers spent the entire summer supporting riots and the destruction of Minority neighborhoods and businesses. Many of them marched in local protests in support. They also voted for and elected a President who did the same and a Vice President who claimed that violence should continue (presumably until the left gets what it wants).

maxine waters

And just last week the usual suspects accused the President of inciting violence at the US Capitol when there is no only no evidence of that there is proof he said the opposite.

Whether or to what degree Ms. Rung facilitated falsehoods by carrying the party water is not my concern here. She has a right to say whatever the hell pops to her head and I don’t think Rep Rung should be removed from her committee over her tweet. Nor do any of the unpunished reps she points her bony finger at in her defense.

I do not believe any of them said or did anything that is not protected First Amendment speech. They should all be free to offer their opinions, and in two years the voters will decide.

But Speaker Packard has chosen (surprisingly) to take a page from the Left’s playbook. And when the same hyperbolic tactics are directed at her, Rosemarie can’t believe it. She finds it absurd. It is unfair and unjust to accuse her absent “evidence.”

Ms. Rung, if you were limited to making statements constrained by facts and evidence, your Twitter account would quickly collect digital dust and spider webs. And that would be a tragedy. Unlike you, we eagerly await any Democrat’s unrestrained exercise of their protected first amendment speech.

A privilege you and your party would deny us at the first opportunity. An accusation for which there are mountains of evidence.