When Should the Biden Impeachment Hearings Begin? - Granite Grok

When Should the Biden Impeachment Hearings Begin?

With one of the most divisive and chaotic elections in American history not yet concluded, Joe Biden is calling for ‘unity.’  As one commentator on Fox News asked:  Where were Democratic calls for unity when Trump was elected?  It’s a fair question.


(Remember Hillary Clinton’s pronouncement:  ‘You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.’  That goes both ways, doesn’t it?)

Here’s a second question:  If Trump ultimately prevails in court and ends up with a second term, will Democrats continue those calls for unity?

And here’s a third:  Assuming Biden becomes President on January 20, how long should Republicans in Congress wait before starting impeachment hearings?  After all, by his own party’s admission, Biden committed an impeachable offense and confessed to it in front of an audience, which admission was captured on video.  Verifying the facts shouldn’t take long, since they’re all matters of public record.

As far as whether what Biden did rises to the level of impeachment, Republicans could just play recordings of Democratic prosecutors during Trump’s own impeachment trial.  And if they call Barack Obama as a witness, it would be hard for even the mainstream media to totally ignore it.

Would January 21 be too soon?