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Impeachment squad

Democrats Impeached Trump for Working to Help People

People’s thoughts about the hypothetical situation described by Hunter Taylor (2/8/20, Laconia Daily Sun) aren’t relevant to the Trump impeachment. No evidence, as opposed to speculation and unsubstantiated allegations, indicates that Trump demanded, or that Ukraine performed the Democrat alleged preconditions before aid delivery.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of Silver. What was Mittens’ price?  Burisma comes to mind.  And, at the end of it Judas felt remorse and hanged himself.


Trump as Threat to American Democracy

Yesterday the Democrats condemned Trump as a threat to American democracy.  The founders would be so proud. But that was last week’s rant.  The founders did not support democracy. That the Democrats assert Trump is a threat to democracy simply highlights their anti-American, socialist views.