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Gordon MacDonald

Impeach Gordon MacDonald Too.

A few days ago, Skip posted about an effort to impeach Chris Sununu: My response is: What the hell is there to investigate? The GOP “leaders” of the House and Senate should simply tell Chris to end his junk-science state-of-emergency (the purpose of which is to promote and advance the Chris Sununu brand, not to …

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When Should the Biden Impeachment Hearings Begin?

With one of the most divisive and chaotic elections in American history not yet concluded, Joe Biden is calling for ‘unity.’  As one commentator on Fox News asked:  Where were Democratic calls for unity when Trump was elected?  It’s a fair question.

Impeachment squad

Democrats Impeached Trump for Working to Help People

People’s thoughts about the hypothetical situation described by Hunter Taylor (2/8/20, Laconia Daily Sun) aren’t relevant to the Trump impeachment. No evidence, as opposed to speculation and unsubstantiated allegations, indicates that Trump demanded, or that Ukraine performed the Democrat alleged preconditions before aid delivery.