The Truth Violates Facebook's Community Standards (And This is How Democrats Will Rule) - Granite Grok

The Truth Violates Facebook’s Community Standards (And This is How Democrats Will Rule)

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With over half-a-million reached and close to 10K shares, Facebook decided to pull ‘this‘ down for violating community standards. (Maybe if it were about Melania Trump, they’d be okay with that?).

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My guess is that some Democrat Snowflake was triggered. No tolerance for dissent or opinion even if it happens to be true. Which it is. See for yourself.

Kamala sleeping with powerful and connected men


Kamala Harris slept with a powerful, politically connected married man who was the speaker of the California Assembly at the time of the affair.


“Brown…appointed Harris, who was just a few years out of law school and working at the Alameda County district attorney’s office, to two well-paid posts on California state commissions and later helped her in her first election.”


Without Willie Brown, Kamala is still a nobody.

You heard her in the Kavanaugh hearing. You saw her run for president. She is not inspiring and hopeless politically without a hand up or a captive audience (like knee-jerk liberal voters).

So, Kamala Brown Harris, who got no traction as a presidential candidate, knows the right people, which is why (I continue to contend) she was anointed as a running mate for Biden. She is also an identity politic s box checker. Harris is brown (not just ‘cuz Willie), female, and not Bernie, and more radical left than even Sanders.

And let’s face it. Biden has dementia. A female vice-president would be a role model for women and girls. A someone who slept her way up in politics to become the backup band for a nutty old white guy.

In other words, there is not one thing about this meme that is not the truth.

We can only conclude from this that the truth violates Facebook’s Community Standards.

And they are punishing us for that.

This is exactly how Democrats will rule.