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Book-Burning ACLU-NH Trans Justice Organizer Axed

Palana Belken

Yesterday, Palana Belken, the Trans Justice Organizer for ACLU-NH, sent an email announcing his departure from the organization. I suspected something was up when he tweeted in August that he was looking for work.

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The ACLU-NH apparently wanted to keep him on through the election so that he could be interviewed about the difficulties of “voting while transgender.”

Was it Palana’s behavior when he was organizing efforts to stop the Save Women’s Sports bills that precipitated this? Palana went to great lengths to prevent me from taking his picture in the hallway and lobby during the public hearings for those bills.

Was it his burning Harry Potter books back in June and bragging about it on Twitter that ultimately led to Palana being forced out?

In September, he tweeted that he would burn the books all over again if he still had them.

Is the ACLU-NH going to continue to fight bills that would protect women’s rights to have their own sports separate from men? Are their efforts to kill such bills damaging their brand when maintaining sex-segregated sports are supported by the vast majority of the public?

The response to this tweet leads me to believe that there is a reorganization going on at the ACLU. TJP is the Trans Justice Project and TEAP is the Trans Education and Advocacy Project.

The ACLU-NH is advertising an opening for an Administrative Specialist to assist with fundraising. Is the ACLU losing donors because of their support for radical causes like “transgender rights” and Black Lives Matter?

We will see what happens when new Save Women’s Sports bills have public hearings during the NH legislative session starting in January.

Will the ACLU-NH return to using lobbyists who behave professionally? Will they abandon their cruel attacks on women’s rights to their own spaces and sports? If they truly cared about protecting civil rights they would.