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Candace Owens is Suing Facebook’s Fact Checkers

Facebook-Censored Social media, Shadow-banning

Candace Owens has stepped up and taken one for the team. Well, not the team. Social media’s so-called independent fact-checkers are none of the above. They create facts you never asserted and even fact-check your opinion. Owens has had enough; she’s suing.

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She announced this in a tweet with video (at this link).

Candace Owens Suing Factcheckers

Our readers will have not only experienced some of this themselves but followed along as we report on how Facebook and Twitter mistreat us. We keep swinging for the fences and making them look like the asshats that they are. And like a junky who can’t stop, look what happened today.

Under a status update about mail-ballot fraud, they added this little gem.

FB says vote by mail safe

Okay, then. So, I guess I’ll quote some Democrats.

The Peanut Farmer from Georgia who has styled himself for decades as an expert observer of elections the world over (Former President Jimmy Carter) says this about vote by mail or mail-in ballots.


“Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” That quote isn’t from President Trump, who criticized mail-in voting this week after Wisconsin Democrats tried and failed to change an election at the last minute into an exclusively mail-in affair. It’s the conclusion of the bipartisan 2005 report of the Commission on Federal Election Reform, chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker III.


Facebook and the Bipartisan policy center (not-bi-partisan) say ‘Long history of trustfulness. A guy who has monitored elections around the world for decades concludes, “largest source of potential voter fraud.”


Another example, (emphasis mine)



Obama used to argue how difficult it was to commit voter fraud in person. The New York Times agreed that the real threat was mail-in ballots, with the more absentee voting, the greater “potential for fraud.”


Wait, we have more.


“A mail-in ballot has wrong written all over it.” That’s what CNN reported in 2008, surmising former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s position on proposals to vastly expand absentee voting. …

“It would be a risky experiment for us with an election that has stakes as high as a presidential election,” Wasserman Schultz said of all mail-in voting in 2008.


No one uses vote by mail for all the reasons we’ve seen this past week. And Democrat luminaries, when they are not using it to steal elections for themselves, agree. But Facebook’s fact-checkers say it ain’t so, and our content (your’s, her’s all of it) gets flagged, throttled, or banned.

That is why Candace Ownes, among other reasons, is taking these bastards to court.

I hope she wins.