In a Moment of Weakness (or exhaustion) Lifetime Lib Garrison Keillor Tells the Truth About Roe v Wade - Granite Grok

In a Moment of Weakness (or exhaustion) Lifetime Lib Garrison Keillor Tells the Truth About Roe v Wade

Garrison Keillor

Decades of Democrat deceptions about Roe v. Wade have a new detractor. Garrison Keillor, the Minnesota Public Radio Prairie Home Companion guy, just said, “the Court is not able to make abortion illegal, only states can do that.” He’s asking Democrats to give up on Roe v Wade.

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He’s right. And guess what? That also means that the same court can’t make abortion legal for the same reason. Only the states can do that. And this also means as Keillor notes, Roe v. Wade doesn’t mean anything. Not really.

A point we have been making for as long as we’ve been occupying internet space. The Left uses the argument to rally the troops, and their foot soldiers repeat it. Repealing Roe will end abortion, blah, blah, blah. And I expect they are pulling out their hair and loading their blame throwers but only because they’ve grown fat on the lies their so-called political leaders have fed them.

It’s so wrong that Facebook and Twitter should be tagging, flagging, and fact-checking every mention, but they are just as clueless.

Keillor is a smart guy. He’s probably known this all along. That doesn’t stop him from being a typical leftist.


“So abortion will be legal most places and not others. Meanwhile, we need to focus on providing health care and support for women, that will lessen the number of women who feel forced to abort… Meanwhile, R v W is a toxic issue that has poisoned our politics for almost 50 years and succeeded in electing a great many cynical and corrupt men to public office who oppose abortion publicly but would provide it for their daughters without question.”


Working that health care angle. It does well in all their polling. Let’s focus on that. And by the way, a lot of these so-called pro-choice folks are lying scoundrels.

Do you mean like the Democrats (almost to a man, woman, and whatever) who have been misleading their sheep about Roe v. Wade?

Like them?

Keillor was released by Minnesota Public Radio a few years ago for inappropriate sexual contact. He says it was a misunderstanding. He also says Al Franken groping Leann Tweeden was just low comedy.  I’m not clear on what Keillor’s opinion is of all the other women who accused Al of inappropriate sexual behavior. But I doubt he ever called him not one of those “cynical and corrupt men” in “public office” who says one thing and does another.

Probably because that would then make him one of them.

He is right about Roe, and the Left has already made him pay for admitting the truth. But that’s how these things work. And it’s why so few of them dare ever speak it. The price is too high. And still, they want these people to have more power.

Not terribly bright.