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Roe v. Wade is Just a Clump of Words

Roe - It's just a clump of wordsDemocrats are not progressive. They like old stuff. Trains to move people. Governments based on an unimpeachable ruling class. And Supreme Court decisions that even bioethicist and infanticide fetishist Peter Singer would like to see scrapped like Roe v. Wade.

Roe has risen from the grave to sharpen the liberal spears as they prepare for another Borking of a Supreme Court nominee. And while I’ve already set the table for why dumping Roe would change nothing about either abortion or women’s health care the day after, the left will persist.

And they have. Even local New Hampshire moonbats are milking Roe as if it had something left to give. And it does. But not for them. It has demonstrated once more that these useful idiots have no idea what it means beyond the narratives they have been spoon fed and swallowed willingly.

So, thank you Charles Camosy at the Federalist for his 7 Reasons It Is Deeply Misleading To Claim Americans Support Roe v. Wade. He provides excellent research and exposition you can use to further unhinge (if that’s even possible) a far-left activist community on their go-to disqualifier.

Here’s a brief synopsis.

Most Americans have no idea what Roe is about, what it did or does. “38 percent of Americans think Roe is a decision about something other than abortion.”

Plenty of pro-abortion folks don’t like Roe and would be fine with dumping it like the aforementioned Peter Singer who “has argued that abortion advancement would be better served in the United States if Roe were overturned and a legislative process unfolded…”

And a majority of Americans support limitations on Abortion,

More than six in ten Americans, for instance, want abortion banned after 20 weeks. Last month Gallup asked Americans about their abortion views based on trimester, and found that only 28 percent wanted abortion to be legal during the second three months of pregnancy

If 72% of American’s oppose abortion after the first three months, and 60% believe it should be prohibited after 20 weeks, then we’re back to my observations from last week. (Emphasis in original.)

What happens if the light of day shines so bright that the shadows of the penumbras are not as visible as they were forty-plus years ago? What if SCOTUS can’t find the right to terminate a pregnancy in the constitution?

Whatever the current law is in your state right now will continue to be the current law in your state. Nothing changes if Roe v. Wade is tossed in the dustbin of history.

And hey, as John points out in the screen grab above, “it’s just a clump of words.”