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From The Working Man to Champagne Socialists

The Working Man

In 1960 the Democrat party was called the party of “the working man.” The party historically claims to stand for the little guy. Today, however, Democrats would no longer recognize a working man if they saw one on the street. Today’s Democrats are champagne socialists.

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These Leftists are masquerading as Democrats. They are controlled by white leftist billionaires like Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer,  George Soros, and the crews from Silicon Valley, the Middle East, and China. Their face is Moore, Sarandon, Ruffalo, DeVito, etc… The narrative, representing “the working man” is dead.

The socialist elites cannot represent the welfare of the working man because they are greedy corporations and businesses.

Evil is the only appropriate word to describe the hate and violence. And that is what is filling the streets of many American cities. It is amazing how Google is filtering and reordering searches. It is oppressive censorship.


Try searching “Police and BLM violence.” You get responses… but only the liberal spin. It’s all the police are attacking BLM before anything else.  Evil has a long, long reach. It has very, very deep pockets.

In the presidential shouting match, Biden underscored he is not moderate about anything. He took the opportunity to establish he is a tool of the extreme left. Biden is a proponent of all their evil policies. He could not name one law enforcement group that endorses him. Let that sink in. Not one… and the truth is very few have. It isn’t only dementia.

Evil is a harsh word. But when it fits it needs to be used. For evil to be perpetrated individual people are required to do evil acts. The course of action the Democrats are taking is nothing short of evil. Biden declares he wants to see Roe v. Wade maintained. He is pro-abortion right up to the moment of birth.

How does Biden restore America’s soul by killing her babies?  Killing babies in the womb is evil, it has been and always will be evil. Biden and the Leftists masquerading as Democrats are apparently for: Attacking a Supreme Court nominee’s adopted children. That is wrong any way you slice it.

Attacking faith, attacking the constitution

They are attacking that same nominee’s faith. Though doing so is unconstitutional. They know the application of a religious litmus test is wrong. See article VI, clause 3.

The Left masquerading as Democrats is pursuing a relentless and baseless war on law enforcement. This makes our streets less safe. It destabilized our society. They have no fact-based justification for their action.

The Left masquerading as Democrats is promising to blow up the institutions of our country. That is a violent revolution. It is not election-year politics. These people are behaving like rabid animals. We need to take proper care of them. We do not want these pockets of puss to spread.

The Left masquerading as Democrats is propagandizing the packing the Supreme Court. Their excuse is the Barrett is confirmation. There is no reason for doing so. It is but another attack on the U.S. Constitution and the American system of government.

The Left masquerading as Democrats are again propagandizing the abolition of the Electoral College. The Electoral College serves to balance the interests of small states and large states. Without it the cities in about 30 counties would control the nation. That is unhealthy publicly. We need all Americans to feel their participation in the process matters.

I cannot think of a better word to describe this Leftist behavior than evil. So, the choice is clear on November 3rd. We have the opportunity to reject evil. We can send it back to the hole where it came from. I hope we deal them a resounding defeat. Which side are you on?