Another Progressive Angry That a Conservatarian Listened To Her Talk - Gracie Gato: Stalker!!!! Part 1 - Granite Grok

Another Progressive Angry That a Conservatarian Listened To Her Talk – Gracie Gato: Stalker!!!! Part 1

Gracie Gato 2

This is a replay, in almost real-time, of the sponsors of HB1159 that talked about “cyberstalking” where people were sending us tips and, well gosh, we’d write about what they had said and done.

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Notably Jan Schmidt, Wendy Thomas, Deb Stevens, and Debra Altschiller (the wife of the Seacoast family of newspapers whom I thought might have a clue about First Amendment issues). No, these NH State Rep Progressives wanted to no longer be held accountable by or to ANYONE – especially us.

And guess who has decided to do a repeat of Jan Schmidt’s accusation that the Merrimack Police were giving (falsely, I might add) police protection to the female Democrat NH State Reps from Merrimack?  And we all know how THAT turned out, don’t we?

Well, of course, not understanding that accusations arise from making a decision that have consequences, let’s walk through the dreary amusing FABULOUS tale that has now been would up in knots for herself:

UPDATE and Sidenote: For those of you, now like me, that have been blocked by Gracie, I’m now including screenshots. Sorry for the “doubling up”.

Gracie Gato

As I say in MY post, Gracie Gato had decided to write a post on her public (but not well attended) blogsite. It’s how the blogosphere works – you either report on something you see online or in real life or if someone writes about you, you may write back. So, I did – as many of you know, I simply fisked her post. Nothing wrong with that – she said it, I commented upon it.

Well, apparently she not all that much for the “give and take” in the blogosphere and certainly not understanding that’s not how it works here in NH. Speaking from on High and expecting we Normal People to just stand in awe and say nothing is not an attitude that goes over well (and read what I wrote about that):

And there you are, proving once again, you don’t “get” NH. People LIKE NH as it has been with traditional values. You blew in here thinking you were all that and more and by the figurative equivalent of snapping your fingers (and always running to Ray Buckley), you’d be the BMOCNH. What’s gotten under your craw is that many of us have said “NO! We like where we are and how Government leaves us alone”. You FAILED to do your homework and you FAILED to bother to learn the culture and you FAILED to understand that a mostly rural NH ISN’T an urban LA. Values matter and Culture matter to us – you deliberately decided that OUR outlooks didn’t matter.

And if you found it “remarkably stupid“, that just adds to the fire of why people just resent and resist you. Condescending is a bad trait to have here in NH – it just reinforced that “your’re not from around here” and that you really don’t like being here (after all, if you think NH folks are stupid, you can’t like NH).

But I didn’t expect that she’d listen and she didn’t. Instead, like her ideological sisters above, she showed she can’t stand the heat (mild, low, simmer):

Gracie Gato sick sick

Well, again, I was tipped off by one of our Loyal Readers to that last bit and I decided to see if she was really like No Show Schmidt (aka, “Just make up a lie” Schmidt) or she really called the cops. Now, I’ll admit that I have responded to a small handful of her tweets and fisked a couple of her posts (one of them being Bernice van Der Berg of Moonlight Meadery – I STILL have to finish up that story…c’mon Skip, CONCENTRATE!). But Steve ran a quick look and I’ve only blogged about Gracie three times:

FYI We have three posts I can find that mention or focus on G.Gato. 7/8, 9/25, and 10/12. So, out of 1,320 posts published in the time frame, she is mentioned 3 times. You’re Obsessed, Skip! (I did not see how many you wrote, I suppose that would matter if any of this really mattered).

Canya feel the LOVE and Sarcasm as Steve wrote “You’re Obsessed, Skip”. Snarky – a love tap in the blogosphere!  But as he rightly points out, hardly an “Obsession” (and that’s no perfume, either). So I decided to follow up on her accusation just like Grokster Susan followed up on No Truth Schmidt:

She was not amused with my wry sense of humor in all this:

Gracie Gato not happy I asked which police dept

Oh, and I guess this where I should say that while I am just referencing her actual tweets here, I have screen-capped them all. Just in case. Just because…

And she did!

And now I’m supposed to be shaking in my boots.

You see, however, Gracie has a small problem with her Twitter Narrative…

So did I.

To Be Continued…