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Gracie Gato? I doubt it as you can’t help yourself

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So Steve had tipped me off to this post of her “Open letter To the Granitegrok” (as in a “love letter”) at her Granite State Buzz – heh! Once again, we see a Progressive female wanting to be treated equally getting upset because, well, I treated her like I would any man.

One of our mottoes (we have several, btw) is “say or do something stupid, we’ll write about you. Do it again, we’ll keep on writing”. Just like Jan Schmidt, Deb Stevens, Debra Altschiller and a bunch more, we try to oblige in treating them exactly like we would a man…

…and they get upset about it. Go figure! So she’s upset that she decided to write stuff on Twitter that I decided to respond to.

Here’s the text with some fisking. Reformatted, emphasis mine:

If you are not from New Hampshire, let me explain what the granitegrok is. It’s propaganda for the ALT-RIGHT. It’s a blog that takes screenshots of twitter feeds from random people they consider ‘persons of interest.’ This time they did it to me. Of course right?

ALT-RIGHT? Is that the new version of the normal Democrat “extremist”? In Days of Yore, it was “TEA Party”, “TEA Partier” and then “Free Stater” were the Insult of the Day. It’s always something. What is quite weird is that they:

  • show they have little to no control of their emotions in public speaking (with the commiserate lowering of the skill in public communication)
  • they think that insulting others will bring them “to heel” and change their way – such is the “power” of their insulting ways. Consider this, Gracie – I’ve been called far worse by far better than you.

Conservative would have been correct. Conservatarian would have been good as well. Constitutionalist would be a good fit as well. ALT-RIGHT? Not so much.

Random screenshots were taken from my twitter account when I was feeling low and lost my aunt to COVID-19. I couldn’t go to her funeral due to the virus. It was heartbreaking. I wanted to run away and be with her. Well – Skip did it again. Spin the narrative. You’re an ugly soul, Skip. Truly.

Sorry for your loss and sorry you couldn’t go to the funeral. It is absolutely disgusting that we Normal, Ordinary people can’t gather to give final respects to loved ones and friends like the highly placed Democrats have done to their “favored ones” (like George Floyd, RBG, and a few others of “worth” funerals that didn’t follow the “guidelines” set by Government officials). But you can’t be allowed to try to shame me or others because that information is private. Yet, you decided to turn that into a club.

And for the record, no, they weren’t random – you said stuff:


Why do they feel the need to grab something, then spin a narrative? Granitegrok has no idea who my inner circle truly is. Let’s keep it that way.

No, I don’t know who your inner circle folks are (except by reading your blog and your Twitter feed). Nor do I really care so insinuating that I do is false. It’s your WORDS that matter.

BTW, that “Why do they feel the need to grab something, then spin a narrative?” bit?  Is that what opining and writing opinion pieces are? All we do is take your words, give them a bit of time, and then write about them. Folks like you catch our eye either because you either said something interesting or made us laugh. You may not like what we say about what you said but you said them. We didn’t make you write or speak those words – you did so voluntarily.  The conclusion writes itself.

You, like so many others that are also public figures (and make no mistake, tweet out or blog something), are now a public figure. Thus, we consider your words fair game. After all, they amuse us.

These tea party lunatics get off on creating havoc and smearing people like me now? Trying to make a difference? Yet – you worship Corky Messner? Colorado Corky and the rest of those criminals? I actually had something to offer. I got nothing but resistance. I wanted my new home to do well. If you keep people nice and ignorant it’s easier to run a con, I suppose?

Heh! We did interview Corky as we did others in private “GrokGauntlets”. Some Groksters did back him in the primary; GraniteGrok took no position in that primary nor in NH CD-1 Congressional race either. So saying that we “worship” Corky is a stretch only executable in your own Progressive mind. For the record, though, I hope he beats the pants off the US Federal Government Ambassador to New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen. It’s about time.

Calling us lunatics doesn’t do much for you in the Civility deal now does it? And commenting on your words is just commenting is not smearing you – it’s commentary. Unless of course, you believe that no one should ever challenge your views, and then they do, is a form of smearing. And for the record, I guess that being in “Free Markets, Constitutional limits respected by Governmental actions, and Government living within our means” makes us lunatics.

That alone is lunacy.

My “sh**ty attitude” As you say, comes from experiences with you people. Boldface liars and hypocrites. I’m actually quite pleasant, but I do get irritated fast when I smell bullshit. I knew you guys were sniffing around and I thought it was hilarious.

Actually, I said potty mouth and that pretty much was derived from perusing your Twitter feed and other writings. You even admitted it because “it ticks off the NH GOP”. Now, if you think your attitude is “sh**ty” on top of that, is on you as I never said such words. That Twitter face is of your own construction and is public. Complaining about your own words get picked up by others ought to be teaching you something. However, humility doesn’t seem to be your strong point.

Boldface liars and hypocrites” – Really? Point them out. Speaking allegations is easy – the hard part is actually proving it. Yes, we’ve made factual errors in the past – and we’ve corrected them when notified. But your assertion is just another, mostly made up out of thin air, Progressive technique – slime those that disagree with you and then walk away without providing proof. I’m betting you don’t have the discipline to actually do the homework.

So, can you? I assert you can’t. I also assert you won’t – not good for your Narrative.

Why do this? Why do you take someone with ambition and the know how and kick them down because, they are not from New Hampshire by birth? There is a reason there is a residency requirement. I realize this is not Los Angeles and I don’t want it to be. However – this State is undervalued and mismanaged by a very corrupt government.

Let’s get real – I don’t care that you’re not a NH native. I don’t know that you “have the know how” either so that’s a non-starter. I DO care that someone with the wrong Ambitious ideas wants to continue the Progressive Transformation of getting rid of the reason why many Natives stay and why many transplants (like myself, 26 years) stay: Live Free or Die; death is not the worst of all evils”. It’s clear when I read your tweet above that you have NO idea what you’ve gotten wrong.

You wrote”I got nothing but resistance“; well, no kidding – people here resent people plopping in and demanding our way of life be changed at THEIR whim and not ours. You failed to do your homework –

And in getting it wrong, you would have us turned into that failed City from a failing State, California. Just ask U-Haul how many folks are fleeing that sinking ship.

The way I have been treated here, has been documented accurately. This State is truly racist. There is a resistance to change. I find it remarkably stupid.

And there you are, proving once again, you don’t “get” NH. People LIKE NH as it has been with traditional values. You blew in here thinking you were all that and more and by the figurative equivalent of snapping your fingers (and always running to Ray Buckley), you’d be the BMOCNH. What’s gotten under your craw is that many of us have said “NO! We like where we are and how Government leaves us alone”. You FAILED to do your homework and you FAILED to bother to learn the culture and you FAILED to understand that a mostly rural NH ISN’T an urban LA. Values matter and Culture matter to us – you deliberately decided that OUR outlooks didn’t matter.

And if you found it “remarkably stupid“, that just adds to the fire of why people just resent and resist you. Condescending is a bad trait to have here in NH – it just reinforced that “your’re not from around here” and that you really don’t like being here (after all, if you think NH folks are stupid, you can’t like NH).

And for the worst: no, I totally reject that the State of and the people of NH are racist (the language and rhetoric of those that can’t formulate any better in an argument). Nice to see that you’re all in on slandering and stereotyping 1.3 million people with a few keystrokes.  Isn’t that the kind of stereotype that the Left has been accusing us for decades?  Why then are you able to do so – Progressive Privilege, perhaps?

Sorry but not sorry – with all of the above your words have expressed, one thing is clear – you seemingly have a chip on your shoulder. You’ve “busted into” NH at full steam ahead and now are mad that folks aren’t taking you seriously and are striking out against everyone that is giving you a well deserved cold shoulder. Yet again, even as you blame others, it is clear that you lack the humility to perhaps understand that the cause of people not sidling up the way you wanted was that you were the Cold Wind rather than the warm sun.

Oh and I’m always calm. Just because someone chooses to use adult language doesn’t mean they are uneducated or stupid. It’s conviction. I speak with conviction and you people don’t know the difference.

Well, there is this:

“A wise man once said that “profanity is the act of a feeble mind expressing itself forcibly.”

Funny, I’ve always thought that “adult language” was more immature, more of teen-ager language than adults. Maybe that’s how it’s done in LA but the adults should have a better and higher command of language in both normal conversational language and debating. Sure, people can and do talk “roughly” at times. Being the son of a commercial fishing captain, I’ve heard it all. You know what it really is, Gracie?

Graceless. It’s not “conviction” – it’s a lack of verbal control. It’s an attitude of “well, I’ll shock them” that devolves to being uneducated – especially when you’ve made it know that you are educated. You said that you do it because it upsets the NH GOP. Well, then, that’s a DANDY reason why to use it all the time now, isn’t it? But if you continue to use it, well, then most will look at you as being undeducated. It’s about attitude and presentation, not conviction.

And we do know the difference..

Why does the NHGOP vote against affordable insulin? I ask questions and in return I get “blah blah blah don’t get mad when we don’t roll out the red carpet.” Again – ignorance.

Because it is not the Proper Role of Government. If you don’t like what the Free Market is doing, then go COMPETE. Show people that you have the “know how” to do it right. Make it better, make it cheaper, and make a few bucks in serving those that want lower prices. THAT’S the American way.

But Progressivism – don’t like what you see, get Government to FORCE the change you demand (and doing the stompy feet dance at the same time). That’s the single thing about Progressivism / Socialism, the religion that you espouse that has NEVER worked anywhere at anytime.

I’m doubtful that you could even write a short treatise or monograph of what the Founds knew to be the Proper Role of Government – it would be rather interesting to read it.

Heck, I’m willing to debate you about it. We can charge a couple of bucks for attendance and cover costs – and the profit will go to the winner’s choice of a charity.

Up to it?

You love cutting up progressives. What have you done with your life, Skip? How have you contributed to society in a positive way? Run for office if you think you know it all. Please – I dare ya!

I do make sport of Progressives and mostly because they are anathema to the Live Free or Die ethos and the vision of our Founders. Socialism is the ideology of serfdom to the State and the reduction of the Individual to only being a cog in their “social machine” which only changes the name of those at the top from Royal Aristocracy to Nomenkaltura.

I’ve studied. I’ve done lots of volunteer work. I’ve raised a family, I had a successful career as a software engineer and consultant. I spent almost a decade being an elected official (so yes, I dared to). And now, raising our Grandson because of the opioid epidemic (we legally adopted him) thirty years after raising our own sons.

And I and the writers at GraniteGrok, over the last 14 year,  built it up to being the largest and most influential political blogsite and, according to Alexa’s online rating, we beat almost all of the online print media here in NH. Including, at times, beating the Union Leader. And all of us are volunteers, to boot, beating these multimillion dollar enterprises. Granite State Buzz?

Get a grip, Skip. Keep your pinky up on that tea cup eh? Creeper. I’m here to stay. I really love my home. We will rise. We will fight. I’m not going anywhere.

I surely well as the TEA Party was always closer to the original Constitutional values than what your Party’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter hold

This is the last I’ll speak about the granite grok of B.S.

Doubtful, I’m betting – I’m quite sure that you will again. You can’t help yourself.