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A Culture So Poisoned That They Can’t Help but Do Wrong

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Imagine, if you can, a story about Don Trump Jr. The contents of a laptop are leaked to a national news source who publishes documents found on the device. Evidence that he sold access to his father and the White House. Big news?

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The biggest news ever.

But then, Facebook and Twitter ban the report. They block anyone who tries to share the news or remove their content. Outrage?

You bet. But that would never happen. Free Speech and free expression are on a spectrum, just like everything else on the left—sex, gender, protesting, law-abiding. The only rational basis for defining any of these things is whether it will advance Democrat party power.

If the answer is yes, it is good. If the answer is no, it is bad. And it applies across the entire spectrum of society and culture.

One great example is Facebook’s (and Twitter’s) speech and thought police. We’re particularly enamored (that’s sarcasm) of those who create thoughts and words never spoken then use those as an excuse to punish us. Much like the campus culture, which is so obsessed with racism, they create it so they can then cry foul. Not against an individual but an institution or system or a class.

It is institutional or systemic, they say.  It is a feature of a culture (or thing or group) so poisoned that they can’t help but do wrong so we (they) must undermine, overturn, or destroy that system. We must punish all of them.

It’s their excuse for evolving the Constitutional Republic into a socialist one. It’s systemic!

And correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t “a culture so poisoned that they can’t help but do wrong” describe the modern Democrat party?

You’ve Got Mail!

We already reported on Don Jr. Hunter Biden influence-peddling scandal. Surprisingly, that story has not been pulled, blocked, or fact-checked out of distribution. That might be because I was careful about the title, but that won’t last. Anything with the words Hunter, Biden, Laptop, or email will inevitably be marked as subversive and blocked or scrubbed.

That’s what the Chinese Communists do (and with whom the Biden’s also has suspicious business dealings).

The only step we’re missing here in America (mostly) is for the individual(s) who shared the story to get a visit from the police.

If you think a Democrat lead government would never stoop to that, you are in for an unpleasant surprise.

We already see it with things like masks and private parties.

The speech police are real, just ask Brenna Connolly.


Here’s an excellent round-up of the whole Biden email scandal from Tucker Carlson, complete with backstory and evidence, most, if not all of which, you can find on our pages.