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Tom Brady “Erases” His Phone, Chaos! – Mueller Team Earses 30 Phones, Meh!

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In the midst of the deflate-gate scandal, then-Patriots quarterback Tom Brady switched phones. You’d think the world had ended. He must have destroyed vital data pertinent to the investigation! Boil him in oil, or something. It was ugly. But the entire Mueller team erases their phones and its, meh.

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Brady got a new phone and destroyed the old one. It is not uncommon for wealthy people needing the next best thing, but the timing was terrible and perhaps deliberate, I have no clue.

Team Mueller was a room full of Trump-hating left-wing political hacks, lawyers, and investigators who spent years and about 30 million of your dollars trying to fabricate a crime. They failed then erased the data on their government-issued phones—your phones used in service to your interests (presumably) and at your expense.

That’s illegal.

Thanks to Judicial Watch we know this to be true. An FOIA request resulted in the now public discovery that nearly everyone who had a government-issued phone on Team Mueller, during the course of the investigation, erased or wiped all the data from it, oops! None of it, likely related to accusations of deflated footballs during an NFL playoff game. But all of it was relevant to a crooked investigation by political partisans meddling to overturn an election.

Were there compromising texts and call history about the investigation that is gone? Given what we know about the Strozk-Page texts I’d go with yes!  There’s no other reason to “wipe” them, um, oops, before handing them over to the Inspector General tasked with making sure the government is accountable to the people.

And these are Democrats who say they are the smartest people. Smart enough to erase potentially incriminating evidence. Illegal, maybe even a felony, but the odds are good no one will pay any price, and they knew that. Smart.

Hillary Clinton deleted at least 33,000 emails off an illegal unsecured home server on which she moved top-secret documents, and everyone, including Obama and probably Joe Biden, knew. That’s multiple felonies, and she’s not in prison. And neither are they.

Even doing one of those things by mistake or knowing and not reporting it deserves jail time. Obama is living large on soon-to-be underwater property on Martha’s Vinyard. Whoever is working Joe Bidens arms and legs is running for president (Joe is still working his own mouth). And Hillary is being Hillary and not in an orange jumpsuit.

All these folks knew before it started that there was no crime of collusion by Trump. It was all about covering up their collusion. The investigation into Trump itself was a crime and possibly treasonous. So, what did they text and talk about if there was never any crime? Yoga and wedding plans, if I had to guess.

Or proof they knew Trump was always innocent and this was just a witch hunt.