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George Floyd Died of COVID19

Covid test positive

There will be another round of violence after Trump wins the election. And then another if the officer accused of murdering George Floyd is determined by a jury to be not guilty. George couldn’t breathe because of heart failure exacerbated by a lethal dose of fentanyl, except that he actually died from COVID19.

Related: George Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his blood – It can be Lethal at 5 ng/mL

The same autopsy that found massive amounts of fentanyl in his blood also determined that he was COVID19 positive. Floyd had multiple infections and was comorbid. Using the ruling Class media measure of coronavirus mortality, his death certificate should have read, George Floyd died from SARS CoV2.

Minority business owners who had their life’s work looted or destroyed by rioters might apply for COVID relief funds to help pay the demolition costs. We know their insurers can’t begin to scratch the surface. And the hospitals got money just for whispering COVID in the government’s ear.

You might as well; it’s not even real money now. Much like the fake twenty George is alleged to have offered as payment for cigarettes which killed also killed him. Had he not needed a smoke and stayed home, he might have died of an overdose.

Will the Beautified Floyd (Not Pink, George) be tainted?

He made himself comfortably numb with a large dose of an illegal substance. More than enough to kill most people, and that’s going to come up in the trial.  Fentanyl can cause Bradycardia, dizziness, shortness of breath. I can’t breathe.

If you can impanel one untainted by the media perception, a jury may discover that Geroge Floyd was probably a dead man long before he tried to pass that counterfeit bill.

But in the grand scheme of narratives, none of this matters. His heart failed in police custody, and the diagnosis is that the restraint aggravated other complications leading to death, and perhaps they did.

But George had COVID19 when he died, so he died of COVID19. Those are the rules. If BLM wants to get even, it will need to go to China and riot there.

And what a sterling opportunity to grasp life as a comrade in the Marxist system. At least for as long as the Chinese allow them to live. Fresh organs fetch a much higher price so they could last a few weeks, possibly months, in whatever accommodations the Chinese Communist Party has is mind.