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Charlie Baker’s Maskstapo Will Be Trolling the Bay State for Illegal Weekend Parties

Masked Minutemen

Maskachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s Labor day message to the peasants was, don’t gather in large groups. If you plan to celebrate the end of the Summer of COVID, it best be in small, distant, gatherings, outdoors, with masks, and if you get busted, they’ll fine you. Happy Frikkin Labor Day!

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The campaign, an extension of the COVID Enforcement and Intervention Team created last month to ramp up enforcement efforts in high-risk communities. It features a new website, educational outreach and an “advertising blitz” in more than six languages that will expand throughout the fall, Sudders said.


Maybe a Zoom BBQ!  How much fun would that be? Well, about as much fun as a Zoom anything else, if I had to guess.

Peasant1 – “Can you smell the Johnsonville Cheddah Jalapeno Brats I’m grilling?”

Peasant2 – “Sorry, Houston, we just passed the orbit of URANUS, so we can’t smell much of anything, but if we were there, we know those stupid masks they make you wear would not stop us from smelling the grilled goodness, over.”

Peasant1 – “Crap the Maskstapo’s here. Jimmy, grab the Brats!”

Welcome to Amerika. Where even a union holiday can be ruined by heavy-handed tyrants, in a state as blue as, well, Maskachusetts.

Closer to home, across the border in the Public Health Trumps Everything State the air has a tinge more liberty, or does it? We don’t have any new Holiday restrictions that I’m aware of, but back in August, His Majesty imposed a large-gathering mask-mandate and shortly after that penned Emergency Order 65. In the name of public health (Peace be upon it), this gives the state the right to search public or private property without a warrant.

I think we warned you about that back in the Spring. “Public health is just another mule for tyranny. They will use that excuse again to infringe on your rights. So, what are you prepared to do? Can you ask the question and live with the answer?” 

Massachusetts is full of Democrats so their answer is easy. Riot, loot, maybe knock down a few statues and burn other people’s property. Cook the Brats on a stick in the flames of ruin. I’m sure it adds to the flavor.

But kidding aside, as I also noted here, “The only freedom you get is what you work to keep, protect, and defend. They will take everything else. Unless you wake up, step up, nearly every day, and work to stop them.”

Things will probably get uglier in the next few months. Through it all, the COVID, the riots, the election nonsense, and temper tantrums from Democrats, remember this. In the scope of human existence, Liberty is more precious than life and much rarer. And there isn’t much of it left to leave for future generations.

Because we’re letting it slip away one Emergency Order at a time.