"Public Health" is Just Another Mule for Tyranny - Granite Grok

“Public Health” is Just Another Mule for Tyranny

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I was having a chat with an old friend about politics. The state of division. The anger and frustration. Democrats, Republicans, primaries, crappy candidates, Trump, and what to do about or with any of it. What to do about what?

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The system, man. What a mess. It’s corrupt.

Of course, it is and always will. That’s never going to change, and America’s Founders knew that.

The question was not how to perfect people or their government (the excuse Marxists use to justify behaving as badly as any people or government could). It was how do we confine the conflagration of human vices in those drawn to government service so that they do the least amount of damage.

The American experiment attempts to do that. Those inclined toward ruling by other means have been trying to wreck it ever since. And the problem is not limited to a party or the far left or right or center. Nor is that the biggest problem. To quote Angelo Codivilla,

Does the Country Class really want to govern itself, or is it just whining for milder taskmasters?  How ready, willing, and able is the Country Class to do more than vote every couple of years for people about whom it does not know and on issues it does not care to understand?  Above all, how many in the Country Class are ready, willing, and able to run local affairs?  Just as in all cases of rehab, everything depends on how much the patient puts into his well-being.

The political class trained you to let them rule. They control public education, every form of media (old and new), higher education, entertainment, unions, and now most churches. It is much to overcome and to leave behind.

But if the country class wants to fix this, and as I noted here, this is why Trump is our President, they can’t wait for someone else to do it for them.

All of which brings me back to the Plandemic. Not the finer points but the big picture. Public health is just another mule for tyranny. They will use that excuse again to infringe on your rights. So, what are you prepared to do? Can you ask the question and live with the answer?

Look at who thinks the country belongs to you and me and who thinks it needs to be run from DC (or a state capital, by a commission, or bureaucrats), and then sift the wreckage of your paradigm for small comforts.

The only thing government is capable of is theft (your money, your time, your freedom).

And it is not just the overreaching pandemic response. That may be what stirred your sleep, but the wreckage comes when you accept that it overreaches into everything. All of it. Every corner of your life. And they will not stop.

As you rub the sleep from your eyes, understand that this is not a short-term gig. It is forever. Tyranny never sleeps. It commands armies of zombies who think they will sit alongside the ruling class when the day comes, but that’s another lie. One from which they’ll wake to find no small comforts at all.

The only freedom you get is what you work to keep, protect, and defend. They will take everything else. Unless you wake up, step up nearly every day, and work to stop them.

The scope of human existence has had very few examples of any organization that tried to empower the people before the state. A system that lifted millions out of poverty instead of trapping them in it. A government that made, as its guiding principle, the defense of natural rights no government could deny.

Look at who thinks the country belongs to the people and, by their actions, have worked to make that more a rule than the exception. The numbers are few. But now that you’ve joined us, those numbers are growing. And with any luck, our kids will also wake up to enjoy small comforts instead of living in a land where the government decides what they are, who gets them, if at all, and at what price.