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Travel Alert: Maskachusetts Continues Moving Backward on COVID19 with New Restrictions

Charlie Baker MA Mask

Those of you who find yourselves traveling south of the border in the People’s Republik of Maskachusetts, take heed. Charlie “Parker” has ratcheted up (or is it down?) the restrictions. Ignore the new mandates from cash-strapped, “we’ll fine anyone for anything,” Massachusetts at your own fiscal peril.

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From the Boston Globe!


The new order reduced the limit on outdoor gatherings from a maximum of 100 people to 50 people in a single space. For smaller areas, a limit of 25 percent of the area’s legal maximum occupancy, or eight people per 1,000 square feet, may also apply.

The new order also states that at any indoor or outdoor gathering where individuals cannot maintain 6 feet of social distance will be in violation of the new rules, no matter the number of participants.


There are no capacity limits for public spaces used for political gatherings, religious services, or at parks and beaches but all the other rules apply.

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This Will be Policed

Maskstapo agents are canvassing for bars pretending to be restaurants – snacks and appetizers don’t count, you need to feed people a meal, or you may be in violation of new lockdown rules. You can’t buy a drink without food, or Herr Baker will have your establishment fined! And the food has to be prepared onsite.

Masking restrictions apply to all indoor and outdoor spaces where pointless distancing mandates are difficult or impossible. “..under the new provisions, for any gathering of more than 10 people from more than a single household, all individuals over the age of 2 are required to wear a face covering, and could be fined for not doing so.”

Snitching to the Maskstapo is encouraged, of course.

Finally, the price you must pay for refusing to obey.


The Department of Public health, local boards of health, and now state and municipal police are authorized to enforce the new order. Violations can result in a fine up to $500 per violation, or a cease and desist order.


All of this, ironically, is part of their Reopening strategy.