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In the Name of Public Health NH Will Search Private Property Without a Warrant

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Chris Sununu’s very real Emergency Order 65 (not to be confused with Order 66 – Kill all the Jedi) fulfills the promise of allowing public health to trump all else. EO 65 permits a search of (public or) private property without a warrant and establishes fines for refusing to comply with any Emergency Order.

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From Emergency Order 65 – An order authorizing assessments of civil penalties against businesses, organizations, entities, property owners, facility owners, organizers, and individuals who violate emergency orders (That’s everyone, in case you were wondering).


WHEREAS, in accordance with RSA 128, RSA 141-C, and RSA 147, local health officers are authorized to investigate, including inspecting sites on public and private property without the consent of the owners, all nuisances and other causes of danger to the public health;


The State, in the name of public health (Hygenic fascism), can do whatever the hell it wants, as warned. Should you decline or refuse, Order 65 outlines how you can be cited and fined.


Any business, organization, entity, property owner, facility owner, organizer, or individual that recklessly violates any Emergency Order, rule, or regulation issued under the State of Emergency shall be subject to civil penalties of up to $1,000 for each violation or day that a violation continues.


Fines NH Order 65


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You can read Gov. Flununu’s entire order at the link,  at, or embedded below, and by all means, please share it. As I have noted elsewhere,


Part 1 Article 3 of the NH Constitution says that rights are only surrendered for the purpose of protecting other rights.

Since health, public, or otherwise is not a right recognized, the argument goes that the state cannot force you to surrender any other right for the purpose of protecting it.

If this were not the case the State could infringe on any right it chose simply declaring it a matter of public health; nothing in our bill of rights or any portion of the State constitution would be immune to surrender or infringement if the Gov. or legislature decided that doing so served some public health interest.

Public Health is being used as a mule for tyranny and (if you were not aware) the courts are along for the ride.

NH emergency-order-65

Update: Repaired Embedded PDF of EO 65
Update2: In my mad rush to share this glorious news I left ‘private’ property out of the opening paragraph. This has been corrected.

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