Who is campaigning for your best interest? What exactly are your interests? - Granite Grok

Who is campaigning for your best interest? What exactly are your interests?

Campaigning for Your Best Interest

It is the political season and we are in a war for our individual liberties. Who is campaigning for your best interest? What exactly are your interests?

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It is appalling to see medical propaganda used daily to spread fear and panic. There is no justification for the controls currently in place. People should not be forced to wear a mask or get a vaccine. People should not be prevented from wearing a mask or getting a vaccine. We want or freedom back. Freedom to conduct our daily business; buying groceries, gasoline, etc. sending our children to school and going to work.

At this point, who knows if the executive orders will have an impact on our right to vote? It seems like we’re living in a nightmare. We have a governor extending his State of Emergency every 21 days. We are approaching the point where there no longer an epidemic. The CDC is telling us that. There is no longer a basis for the declaration of a state of emergency. The state of emergency needs to end and so too do the associated Emergency Orders.

Liberty matters, all people matter

Who knows if or when a vaccine may be forthcoming? It is time to stop hiding under the bed, quivering in fear.  The reality is an effective vaccine has never been developed for a Coronavirus. Coronavirus has been around as long as the common cold. Do you remember a time when there were no colds? There’s no justification for distorting or destroying our way of life. It is time to grow up and move on.

People matter. All people matter. That is why abortion is wrong. It is why you are essential. Small businesses matter. Our republic matters. That’s right; we live in a constitutional republic not a democracy. The rule of law matters. Who is campaigning for your best interest?

New Hampshire used to support liberty. That’s why there is no income-tax here; we have taken a limited-government approach. New Hampshire’s legislature truly is the most representative in the nation. We have something called a New Hampshire advantage. It comes not only from her natural beauty and but also our market freedom.

Good public policy, rule of law

Our “Live Free or Die” motto should mean something to us all. Here in New Hampshire our motto isn’t “Live here and Comply” … for a reason. We need to say “Enough!” One person can make a difference. The most important purpose of public policy is achieving the best possible outcome for the individuals and families of New Hampshire. Will you be the person to take a stand?

During this encounter with the unknown we have moved away from good public policy. We have allowed ourselves and our state to drift toward tyranny. We have used the resources of the people and the tools of government to propagandize fear. The fear has been used to leverage further insertion of government into every facet of our lives.

The Governor’s office for five months has been guilty of malfeasance. It has harmed our economy by shutting down our businesses. This is destroying our economic advantage. It is an abuse of emergency orders to replace Legislative authority with executive order. It is time to call a halt to New Hampshire socialism. We have a republic if we can keep it. Do your part. Vote September 8, 2020. Who is campaigning for your best interest?