This Constant State of Fear is a Bigger Threat to Public Health than COVID19 - Granite Grok

This Constant State of Fear is a Bigger Threat to Public Health than COVID19

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The thing about moving the goalposts is it only works if you let it. Sadly, a majority of people are letting them. We have transitioned from flattening the curve (lowering hospitalizations and deaths) to pimping reported infections. A state of fear that is a greater threat to public health than COVID19.

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Not that COVID19 was ever the threat they claimed. It was not. But we’ve moved forward from there. Scaring people into submission has become the political priority even among some Republican governors (Scott and Sununu, for example).

But the original curve has been flattened. Testing’s only function is to create the appearance of risk, for which there is little.

Obey masks patchFor proof, we can look to Europe, where with a few exceptions, they are also riding the panic wagon for no good reason. Testing results show more infections but few or no hospitalizations and very few deaths. The Mortality rate has plummeted while the fear factor has been ratcheted upward.

Keep people scared, Make them think the killer virus is surging. But it is not a killer virus. It is not nearly as contagious as advertised. If contracted, 99% of us will experience little or no discomfort or disruption to our lives. And still, we find the media everywhere, including many online media outlets who should know better, pimping the fear for clicks when they should be publishing the truth or at least questioning the “facts” being fed to us.

Like how keeping people in an unnecessary state of constant panic is a far greater threat to public health than COVID19. It weakens your body’s natural defenses. Makes you more likely to suffer from both physical and mental illness. Creates unnecessary tension that is disruptive to public peace and order.

So, public health does not trump everything. The political response to COVID19 was already a greater threat to life and liberty but now it has become a greater threat to public health.

Watch this to get a sense of what is being done, and then please share it. From Pandemic to Casedemic.

You are being played.