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There’s Going Negative in a Republican Primary and Then There’s This Attack on Steve Negron

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Have inside the beltway smear tactics infiltrated the New Hampshire CD-2 congressional primary? A recent Facebook ad claims that Steve Negron‘s campaign is 320 million dollars in debt.  Hey, if you’re going to lie, go big, right, that’s what the Democrats do.

No, it’s not an Ann Kuster ad, but it’s about as convoluted as one.

It also implies Steve can’t beat Kuster because he’ll never cover the 13% difference in votes from the 2018 election.

Ad smear on Steve NegronNot to worry, the same math-challenged ad that imagined 320 million in non-existent campaign debt can’t do election math either.

Ann Kuster beat Steve by 13% in a Democrat wave election, so all things being equal, Steve needs half of that plus or minus. Half is almost the margin of error in many polls. A problem that becomes that much less of one given that Presidential election dynamics and turnout are a lot different than a mid-term Democrat wave election.

So, the 320 million number is an egregious lie, and that 13% is incredibly misleading.

Is this the sort of desperate politics too which some New Hampshire Republicans are reduced?

And while we’re at it, if you truly want to flip this seat into the hands of Republicans, we feel obligated to provide a few indisputable facts.

Steve is a solid, honest guy who loves God and Country. His integrity and service to the nation have earned him a top-secret clearance from the US government. He’s run a clean campaign and has been supportive of the primary process. Steve has honored those who have served during the COVID19 outbreak and stood tall for the rights of his primary opponents to have equal time and a voice to make their case with voters.

And throughout this 2020 primary, he’s honored Reagan’s 11th commandment. No smears, no lies, no deceptions.

That ad is nothing but false DC-tactics that spread laughable lies (a week before the primary) about a Republican who has always fought for the entire party.  A party that should oppose this sort of outrageous dishonesty. endorsed Steve Negron in NH CD-2 because he allowed himself to be grilled by our writers, just Steve, no staff. He answered every question. And in doing so, he has met our standard for a Constitutional Conservatarian who will defend New Hampshire from the same sort of DC values that produce ridiculous and absurd lies like those in this ad.

Steve is a champion of the Constitution and the Granite State, and he doesn’t need to lie about any other Republican to prove himself worthy. His integrity speaks for itself, which is why we stand behind our endorsement.