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Official Endorsement – Steve Negron for Congress in NH District 2

steve negron

We are proud to announce that Republican Steve Negron has received a majority of our writers’ votes and earned the endorsement of for the Republican Primary in NH Congressional District 2.

Steve has shown us that he has continued to do his homework since the last election cycle. We endorsed him in 2018, and since then, he’s gotten better. He will easily stay more true to the Constitutional values we have embraced on these pages all these years and believe that he will protect New Hampshire in place of Annie “Raise the roof with AOC” Kuster in NH CD2.

We don’t want to worry about how you will vote or legislate. Period.

For those unfamiliar with our process, we’ve been holding a series of GrokGauntlets (our version of “editorial board reviews”) this past month. In Congressional District 2, we brought in Steve Negron and Eli Clemmer (Lynne Blakenbeker turned down our invite).

We grill folks for two hours with hard but fair questions that the candidates would NOT be asked by most journalists or on the campaign trail.

Our Standard of Measure is the NH and US Constitution and the conservative planks in the NHGOP Platform because too many politicians act like our Constitution’s are not a restriction on Government as our Founders intended.

After completing the interview, we believe Steve Negron will give us no worries.

Rather, he’d better worry about us (heh!) as we WILL be following him closely to ensure that he doesn’t go “swampy.” If you live in NH CD-2, we ask that you give this Happy Warrior your vote. He’s earned it.


Note on Process:  GrokGauntlets are recorded and shared privately for review by any writer who was not present. Every one of our authors gets a vote.  Either for the candidate or “No endorsement in this race.” The candidate who gets the most votes earns the endorsement. A tie would mean no endorsement. 

*An endorsement by GraniteGrok as a site does not prohibit any individual writer from endorsing any other candidate personally.