Now That Riots Are Hurting Dems in the Polls, Will Ann Kuster Have to Admit the Riots Exist? - Granite Grok

Now That Riots Are Hurting Dems in the Polls, Will Ann Kuster Have to Admit the Riots Exist?

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A few days ago, we reported on CNN’s Don Lemon, discovering that riots might be bad for Democrats. They were beginning to hurt them in polling.  Joe Biden has come out after months to say yeah, these things are no good. Does this mean that three months of Silence from Ann Kuster is about to change?

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If you search Congresswoman Kuster’s website with the word Riot or Riots, you get zero results. She’s never used those words in any official press release, media item, or any other message on her congressional website.

Riots - Kuster page no results

She has no official position on the destruction of minority communities, exponential increases in crime, property damage, and theft, arson, assault, or murder. Or, the expansion of this lawlessness out of Democrat-Run cities into surrounding communities.

They don’t exist.

(A search of for variations of Ann Kuster and Riots produced three hits in 2020; all written by authors at

If you search ‘Protests’ on Annie’s website, you will get three hits.

The first, from June 8th, is about systemic injustice. No, not the crime, looting, rape, assault, associate with the riots, she’s referring to, stark disparities. No, not in the coverage of riots by Democrats, she means, “long-standing disparities in criminal justice, economic opportunity, housing, education and our health care system.”

The Second, dated June 29th,  focuses on police brutality (policing reform), institutional racism, and well, justice for all. Just not the people whose lives and been ruined or forever altered by the riots and increase in crime due to recent Democrats ‘reforms’ to local policing (defunding) in response to policing policy for which they alone were responsible for decades.

The third hit is unrelated.

Finally, I search “Black Lives Matter.” One article, from June 19th, titled (get this), The Right Side of History,


“I was touched by the courage and grace of each student, sharing their lived experience and urging our town to listen and learn about how each of us can combat racism and fight for police reform and equal justice, here at home in New Hampshire and all across America.”


Nothing for two months after that.

And no time for any 250% increase in shootings or children being executed. Nothing about anything having to do with months of riots in cities like Portland and Seattle. Destruction, intimidation, harassment, beatings, lawlessness.

Will that change? Since Don Lemon’s on-air admission that riots are hurting Democrat polling, there has been a movement on the left to distance themselves from their “activists.” To actually suggest that maybe rioting is not such a good idea.

Because it is hurting their polling.

Not because they care about minority communities, crime, looting, arson, or murder.

I have not looked yet, but I bet you’ll find something very similar on Chris Pappas’ official site. And probably on those of Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan. All of whom, any day now, will be repeating the new marching orders from DC.

Riots are bad – for polling. But they’ll leave that last bit out.