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If Trump Supporters Marched into a Neighborhood with a Guillotine…


One of the big stories over the weekend involved a guillotine. BLM protesters marched into the Portland suburbs with a mock guillotine. Quick question for the left. If Trump supporters marched into a neighborhood with a guillotine, would that mean something?

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Something sinster and odios. Guess what? It means the same thing here.

But this is not a new phenomenon, by which I mean the left’s love affair with the “painless” form of capital punishment named after Doctor Joseph Ignace Guillotin. One “equal for all classes,” while he (the good doctor) worked toward ending the death penalty. No irony there, none at all. Anti-Death-Penalty leftists prominently display the iconic tool of mass political execution.

The campaign logo of Democrat US Senate candidate Bre Kidman (Maine) is a guillotine. She prints on shirts and sells them to fund her campaign.

Likewise, a local TDS poster-child shared an image of the beheading device as part of a rant about how Trump supporters should repent because your president is evil.

Then there’s that Sanders Campaign Staffer caught on undercover video saying they should Guillotine the rich.

Democrat-Socialists and followers of the gospel according to Marx, share this theme. End wealth creators so we can what? Tax the crap out of everyone else because we killed the wealth creators.

The government comes first, so no property rights for the rest of you. They cannot afford to let you keep it, well, except for a few oligarchs and the ruling class. They need a lot of wealth. But don’t bitch about it too much or too loudly or sanctioned NGO “protesters” will assemble in your neighborhoods to remind you what you have coming.


In Portland, BLM protesters built a mock-up of a guillotine and rolled it into the suburbs, demanding the locals give up their homes. The message appears clear to me. Give us your stuff, or we kill you. It fits the Left’s ongoing kill the rich narrative and the eat the rich messaging that is alive and well as policy in California.

The other message is one you’ll have heard from Islamic terrorists or their inspirational moolahs—death to America. The burb-ish hoards made a point of killing the American flag. They burned it, sending toxic fumes into the atmosphere. I’d have thought that at least was a criminal offense in Portland but no. They get the same messaging exemption.

Barbarian hordes can do anything they want if they are doing it to advance the Democrat party’s cause.

That must explain the months-long silence from New Hampshire’s all-Democrat Congressional delegation. But I bet they’d have plenty to say if we built a fake guillotine and rolled it around Manchester in out MAGA hats. No speeches or bullhorns or threats or poop throwing required.

You’d never hear the end of it.