With Sanders Leading in NH is This A Good Time to Discuss Staffer Who Wants to Guillotine the Rich? - Granite Grok

With Sanders Leading in NH is This A Good Time to Discuss Staffer Who Wants to Guillotine the Rich?

Martin W Bernie Supporter - Gulags for Republicans

In 2016 Bernie Sanders blew the doors of Hillary in the New Hampshire. A recent poll shows him rising again just weeks away. Which suggests his NH Base is still with him. But what do they have to say about this?

South Carolina Bernie Field Organizer Martin Weissgerber is ready to dissolve the government and embrace a Bernie lead Soviet-Style Oligarchy. Project Veritas captured all this Left-Wing Goodness in a recently released undercover video. Here’s an excerpt.

“I’m already on Twitter, following numerous groups around the country that are ready to organize yellow vest protests. I’m ready…I’m ready to start tearing bricks up and start fighting…I’m not – No cap, bro. I’ll straight up – I’ll straight up get armed, I want to learn how to shoot, and go train. I’m ready for the f*cking revolution, bro…I’m telling you. Guillotine the rich.”

That sounds extreme, but is it?

Yesterday we reported on one of Sanders’ “more moderate” supporters, the openly socialist, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She noted that “you need to give up control and power.” She (the government) is mostly interested in power, but the ethical thing for the rich to do is to give their money to her (government). Looking at their plans and the hundreds of trillions in new spending, giving up all your money regardless of who you are or what you earn will be mandatory.

“Rich” is subjective to the absolute will of the state. In their eyes anyone with resources they do not control is rich.

But most folks, regardless of economic income, are reluctant to give the government all their stuff. Socialists know that. It is why they militarize local police (still in process). Put them all under federal control (tried and failed but will try again). Weaponize the intelligence communities for domestic spying (done). And mobilize military units (like the National Guard) to enforce unpopular edits (suggested by Dems in Virginia).

And sanction mob violence (by ignoring it or refusing to denounce it) that favors their agenda. All other forms of opposition from religious conscience to free speech are labeled bigoted, sexist, hateful, or racist. At least until they can legally suppress them.

Resistance to the new Socialism will be met with force. Not a guillotine, but close enough. 

Weissgerber goes on at length about the need for modern gulags, reeducation camps for Republicans, and of, course, death to anyone who dares resist the new socialism. Violence, revolution, whatever it takes. He’s not alone.

Here in New Hampshire, as noted above, there are A LOT of Bernie supporters. Some on the left have recently done us the courtesy of warning us about those like Weissgerber. By claiming that is Republicans who are preparing for a war against the government. One NH Rep, in particular, trying to justify Red Flag Laws (the confiscation of rights and property by the state without due process) was quite outspoken.

It was projection.

She is a far-left Democrat whose company includes people like Weissgerber or folks who know people like him.  And it is neither new nor surprising.

The left has been at war with America for decades. Trump just brought them more out in the open.

There’s more from Project Veritas, including the video of Martin “Guillotine the Rich” Weissgerber here. Sorry, the video would not embed properly [language warning].

We’ll be on the lookout for any Democrats in the Granite State who openly denounce or oppose this sort of chatter.