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Maine Democrat Bre Kidman’s Campaign logo (She’s Running for US Senate) is a Guillotine

Bre Kidman for maine logo

I am not at all offended by the campaign logo of US Senate candidate (from Maine) Bre Kidman. I find it refreshing. The logo for the Democrat challenger for the seat currently held by Part-Time Republican Susan Collins is a guillotine.

Yes, a guillotine. Simple, stylish, and how can you not like the clean lines? And she seems excited about it. Not the least concerned about the messaging. 

Bre Kidman Guillotine Campaign LogoWould this be a good time to remind everyone that before the 2018 election Democrat party leader Nancy Pelosi openly stated that

“If there is collateral damage to Americans who don’t share our views, so be it.”

I’m no expert but this looks a teeny tiny bit foreboding and, let’s be honest, not terribly civil.

Escalation, anyone?

And how do other Democrats feel about it? Smirking, smiling clapping, hooting?

Any thoughts from the likes of local Democrats Jan Schmidt or Sherry Frost, who have proposed legislation to silence political opinion with which they disagree?

Is this a step too far to just the next waypoint on the journey to Democrat Socialism?

How about the candidate? What are her thoughts?

“We’re not going to start a guillotine in Monument Square (in Portland) and start beheading people,” Kidman clarified to the Portland Press-Herald. “It’s a symbol of the work we have to do to overcome flaws in our system – flaws that have become deeply evident in the last few weeks.”

In other words, don’t overthink it. It’s not like this is the second-hand opinion of a third-person account of a phone call whose transcript includes none of the things for which they tried to impeach a duly elected US President.

Same party.

We ‘ll just have to trust them at their word? How about these words?

No cap, bro. I’ll straight up – I’ll straight up get armed, I want to learn how to shoot, and go train. I’m ready for the f*cking revolution, bro…I’m telling you. Guillotine the rich.”

That’s South Carolina Bernie Field Organizer Martin Weissgerber which suggests that in the Left-Wing underground, which has moved above ground, this is a thing. They talk about it amongst themselves and that conversation has surfaced in the form of Bre Kidman’s campaign logo. A woman who appears to be all-in on the failed socialist experiment and the violence inherent to that system of rule.

Again, not offended. I’m actually smiling. This is hilarious.

Now go out there and ask your local Democrats to comment. Because we know what they’d be saying if Kidman was a Republican.

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