Is Obama's Federalization of suburban zoning gone? (Maybe?) Unless Biden brings it back. - Granite Grok

Is Obama’s Federalization of suburban zoning gone? (Maybe?) Unless Biden brings it back.


HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing – AFFH. Sounds innocuous, doesn’t it?  In this time of Black Lives Matter, it sounds like “civil rightism,” doesn’t it?  Er, nopers.

Sidenote: why do we need a FEDERAL department on “housing” and “urban development”? Is this an enumerated Power in the Constitution? Shouldn’t this be done at the States and/or local level – a function of Federalism?

We’ve been writing about these kinds of Obama actions using Executive Orders and “re-imagining” wording in current Law to suit . While the idea back when the Civil Rights Act was just, Obama’s AFFH fundamental position was that suburbs were racist because the more wealthy folks moved out of the inner cities and fled to the suburbs – and taking their tax monies with them thus depriving those cities of much needed monies. RAACISTS! AFFH, in part, was a way for cities to gain back those monies by annexing the suburbs or having the Feds “annexing” them for them if those suburbs didn’t match up in every way possible to the nearest Greater Metropolitan Area. Lots of details on paperwork, money with strings attached, opting out, losing Federal money, civil suits, and the like.

Stemming back to 2013, we wrote about it a lot (here, here (another reason why Kelly Ayotte lost her Senatorial re-election), here, here, here, here, here, and here. Search on: Granite State Futures, Regionalization, AFFH, Westchester County, Annex, for much, MUCH more).  It was real, it was being implemented, and only Trump’s election stopped it. And it was good that it was stopped because it effectively was a complete repudiation of our notion of Federalism.

And Biden wants to bring it back if he beats Trump in the fall.

Mark Levin talks with Stanley Kurtz about this whole problem in detail. It IS worth your time to listen to the entire as a quick ramp up because if Trump loses, this will be in your neighborhood. I’ve know about this for almost a decade – I took the time as a “refresher course” to watch and trust me, I don’t have time to waste (I’m busier now being “retired” than I was during my working career.

This IS one of the important long term issues that should be on your radar. No, it won’t happen tomorrow, next week, or even in the next six months.

But if you like having the ability to mold your politics and lifestyles by participating (yes, yelling counts!) at your local government level, you’d betting have a passing knowledge, worst case, how that can be effectively taken away by having to submit the most local of ordinances having to be “affirmed” by some DC bureaucrat who doesn’t give a rat’s butt what your local problem is.

Again, think I’m kidding? Search GraniteGrok for Westchester County. Then Google it. That could be you.

(H/T: PJ Media)