And speaking of loss of local control... - Granite Grok

And speaking of loss of local control…

After this, then there is this from Instapundit (emphasis mine):

JOEL KOTKIN: More Local Decisions Usurped by Ideological Regulators. “Nothing is more basic to the American identity than leaving basic control of daily life to local communities and, as much as is practical, to individuals. The rising new regulatory regime seeks decisively to change that equation. To be sure, there is a need for some degree of regulation, notably for basic health and public safety, as well as maintaining and expanding schools, parks, bikeways and tree-planting, things done best when supported by local voters. But the current regulatory wave goes well beyond traditional methodology. It reflects policies more akin to those central planners, who, as Chapman University researcher Alicia Kurimska suggests, dominated city planning in the once-massive Soviet bloc.”

And as we all know, how well did all those massive Public Housing high-rises work out?  Not well – crime ridden, drug filled, and broken family filled.  Most of them were torn down.  Lesson learned? Hardly.  They do consider themselves the Smart People who know what is best for all. And instead of learning the lessons, they just keep going.  It’s like they are micro-tyrants:

Hang a few, pour encourager les autres.

Plus: “But rather than being just the latest California lunacy, the demise of local control is now going national. A cascading tide of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations already threatens future developments, particularly those that cater to middle-class homeowners. In addition, regulations from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development aim to force communities into inviting a designated number of poor people to achieve greater sociological and racial balance.”

It’s like Obama is waging war against the suburbs.

Oh, he is.  We who sounded the alarm for years against the EPA/HUD/DOT “Sustainable Communities Initiative” were considered to be tin-foil hatters.  Now, with the Supreme Court decision that the AFFH “disparate income” is constitutional IS going to allow these same Soviet style planners (regards of level of government they are at) to take all of the disasterous mistakes they didn’t learn from and apply them to YOUR neighborhood.

And now, instead of their formerly stealth or denial mode, they will be completely open and transparent about it now.  They don’t have to hide.

And they are smiling about it.  And our local and State level officials and politicians are doing bupkis about it.

So ask yourself – what will you do when your neighborhood becomes their next High-Rise?