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A Granite State Future is HUD’s Future

Uncovering the fraud that is Granite State Futures has a home.  It’s called Granite State Futures (granitestatefutures.org).Granite State Future - Organizing the end of your property rights in NH

• Granite State Future is a non-partisan issue.

• Granite State Future is about the permanent loss of private property rights.

• Granite State Future is about the New Hampshire Regional Planning Commissions switching their allegiance from the citizens of New Hampshire to the Federal Government.

They’ve got news, updates, info on all the tendrils of SCI and GSF, and the things the “Planners” don’t want you to know.

They’ve also got an email campaign archive–you can sign up to receive updates–that gives you alerts and information about the effort to spread the GSF infection in the Granite State, how it is impacting property rights in locales where it is already in place, when and where you can show up to ask inconvenient questions as it tries to expand, and how and where to participate in listening sessions (aka; ask more inconvenient questions and politely throw them off their pre-programmed campaign to manipulate people into accepting the top down federal oversight with a whimper.)

Check it out.  Defend your property rights.  Keep the control local.