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The Federal Dollars Addiction

Federal money-addictionEveryone is talking about the addiction problem here in New Hampshire. It is all the craze – we NEED more and more funding for those who suffer from addiction.

While this may be valid, I wish more people would talk about our national addiction problem. You know, the addiction that is killing our Republic under the strong arm tactics at the federal level. It is called the “Federal Dollars Addiction.” This Progressive disease comes to us from those who believe that we need to feed our power-mongering national government.

This addiction (aka scam) takes our hard-earned dollars through taxation and then offers some of them back to us but only in ways that our Progressive government deems appropriate.

Obama is now telling hospitals to perform abortions and sex changes or lose federal funding. Our schools have been told that unless they comply with allowing transgender bathrooms and changing rooms in our schools, they will lose federal education dollars.

It can no longer be denied. Our tax dollars are being used to blackmail states who dare to voice citizens’ concerns regarding the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government.

Then there is the absolutely Orwellian Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing Rule (AFFH). It is now being discussed in the United States Senate and is threatening States who do not comply with another edict.

AFFH not only grants unprecedented new powers to HUD that were not contemplated by — and have no legitimate basis in — the Fair Housing Act of 1968, but it will ultimately hurt the very people it purports to help”, says Sen. Mike Lee – Utah.

Sen. Lee continues,

“…In 2008, the city of Dubuque was struggling to meet the needs of its own public-housing residents. Yet in stepped HUD, declaring that the city’s housing policies would fail to meet the agency’s fair housing standards — and that, therefore, the city would be ineligible to receive federal funding from HUD — unless the local government actively recruited Section 8 voucher holders from Chicago.”

It is WAY past time to reign in the corruption in our federal government. We need to tell the Powers That Be™, that our states and citizens, will no longer be blackmailed by our federal government. We must find the will to resist the bribery of a national government that seeks to enslave us by ‘dangling the carrot’ of our own tax dollars.

Do we have the will to say no? Do we understand that FEDERAL DOLLARS are OUR tax dollars? I hope so. It is time to break the addiction of our federal government using our own money against us. WAY past time, I’d say.