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Who Should Not Be in Jail? Jerry Delemus!

Jerry Delemus

Violent Communist agitators backed by millions in donated funds are wreaking as much pre-election organized havoc as possible.  Progressives in Hollywood as well as Democrat elites are complicit in burning down their own cities as angry communists claim the surrendered land as their own.

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Women are being assaulted in the mob action but that is not being reported yet by the sympathetic news media.

Looting and breaking and entering are now acceptable nighttime activities in liberal enclaves.

But New Hampshire resident and peaceful protestor Jerry Delemus sits in federal prison in what amounts to a political jail sentence. The attempt at a silent DOJ coup against President Trump shows us that the past leadership at the DOJ was not above using their powers against targets for political gain.

Not a good look President Trump.

Jerry should be pardoned ASAP.

That pardon, as well as for other political prisoners, is part of cleaning up the Deep State any American should expect to see – soon.