While New Hampshire Confines Law-Abiding Citizens to Their Homes … the Jails are Being Emptied - Granite Grok

While New Hampshire Confines Law-Abiding Citizens to Their Homes … the Jails are Being Emptied

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From the accompanying story, directed to the Superintendent of Corrections for Belknap County:

What have you been doing to reduce the jail population?

There’s two types of inmates in the county jail. We have sentenced inmates that serve 12 months or less and then pretrial defendants.

So I’ve worked with the county attorney and we wanted to get people out that obviously aren’t a safety issue for the community. So the county attorney filed motions and we were able to release a lot of people that were sentenced, especially those that had any medical issues that could be compromised, especially if they if they became ill with COVID-19 and also pretrial defendants.

We also worked with the county attorney and also the public defender’s office to try to get people bailed and released, that were just being held on nonviolent crimes. So today in my facility, my my jail population is at its lowest level in over 20 years.

Lowest jail population in over 20 years. It’s unclear if this is the case in other counties.

While I am going to take the Superintendent at his word that he tried to identify those who were not “a safety issue for the community,” what if he made a mistake? What if he calibrates his safety-meter differently than I calibrate mine?

And irrespective of whether they aren’t safety issues and are deemed nonviolent, the fact of the matter is some undisclosed numbers of criminals and accused-criminals have been released into the community. How many will commit new crimes?

Perhaps the Superintendent does not consider crimes that involve my property that big a deal. I do.

This is why we must be constantly vigilant about our Second Amendment rights.