If It's OK for Antifa to Suppress Speech That Could "Lead to Violence," What About Speech Antifa Uses to Commit Violence? - Granite Grok

If It’s OK for Antifa to Suppress Speech That Could “Lead to Violence,” What About Speech Antifa Uses to Commit Violence?


If Free speech must be suppressed by Antifa to prevent the potential for violence, shouldn’t protests by BLM used by Antifa to perpetrate violence be suppressed too?

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I’m a big supporter of free speech, and I have been accused of engaging in speech that could lead to violence. There is proposed legislation in the NH House to keep me from speaking under the fabricated premise that this speech leads to intimidation and violence.

It is a partisan power play. They inherently oppose any message but their own, and we know they have no problem with speech that leads to violence. To the left violence is protected speech, but only when it is theirs.

These same folks also argue that the current protests turned riots must be allowed to continue even though many, not all but many, have resulted in consecutive days of violence: property damage, theft, assault, and even murder.

For the record, free speech must be protected regardless of the speaker, but violence and looting are not “Speech” to anyone but the political left. Fear and intimidation are tools to advance their speech and suppress yours.

And there is nothing contradictory about that to them because this was never about rights, it is about message control.

Force is acceptable if it advances their message. Speech is violence when it does not.